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Zhu Yu Ling
(gen) II nd year

 People’s Republic of

 National Flag: Red flag

with five stars

The red color of the flag
symbolizes revolution and the
yellow color of four smaller
stars surrounding a bigger
one , it signifies the unify of the
Chinese people under the
leadership of the Communist
Party of China

Distribution of administrative divisions
in china
Plants and animals
 Plants  Animals

The peony, a flower which is to Giant panda, golden-haired monkey,
china 
South China tiger, the “kind of

known as the "king of flower” and 
animal” is Giant Panda.

treasured as one of the county's 

national flowers.

Chinese traditional dress:
Chinese food--tools
Chinese tea culture
Chinese arts & kong fu
City view - HONGKONG
Business culture
Business culture
 An insight into Cultural Protocols in
 Definition the traditional values,
emerging modern business and
personal practices.
 Dealing with prevailing culture
restrictions and weakness of culture
in China.
 Incorporating the culture be
successful business in china
Office Customs and Practices
 Work time in China
 Inter-business matters are from 10:00-5:00pm
 Workweek is five days long, with two days off

 Practices
 Punctuality is appreciated strictly adhere to
 Better to keep your proposal more options to be chose
 Getting the permission if it’s required
 According the different position treated as different role

Chinese company culture
 Hierarchy to be respected
 Protocol, manners, and obligations
are different based on your position
in the hierarchy
 Better call their name accomplishes
with their position, directly to call
“sir” or “madam” is not encourage
in China business culture

The value in Chinese hierarchy

 The boss always has the right attitude

 You have no role in negotiation as a
subordinate in public
 The highest percentage of persons
who would not express emotions in
the work

Treating woman

 Advisable to handshake in business environment,

and avoid unfriendly or over friendly attitude.

Nod or smile
 In a group, greeting first to the eldest one in the
crowd with nod or smile

 Chinese need to take time to making decision
through each hierarchy, patience is concerned
 Don’t persuade somebody to do things faster

Business dinner culture
 Conversation
In the dinner culture, the hot topics are

 Different culture between China and
host county
 Politics, movies, sports, finance
 Avoid the direct way to continue the
business conversation in the dinner
 Greeting
 Order : downward-----upward
 host -----guest
 male-----female
 Handshake
 Don’t: use left hand
 wear sunglasses
 wear hat
 wear gloves
 use two hands together while shaking
hand with opposite sex

 Business card

 Give----name should face to others

 Receive----read carefully to show respect

 Eye contact

 Don’t stare at others

Entertaining and Gift Giving
 Not inviting for dinner at home in
business case, just inviting when you
are good friends

 The guests should reach a little early, and

not stay for a long time after dinner.

 Taste every dishes to show your manners.

 Don’t discuss business while having food

Having dinner (formal)
 Order for displaying dishes:
 tea----not compulsory

H o t d ish e s

 Expensive dishes

 Sweet dishes


 Rice

 Fruit
Dinner etiquette
Wait until eldership starts to eat.

Hold the bowl when you are eating.

Take the food which close to your side

 make sound when you are chewing.

Don’t put the food back when you already touch

when use chopsticks
 Don’t put the chopsticks upright in the bowl. It
only happens on ancestor worship.

 Don’t hit the bowl or plate to make sound. Only

beggars do it with distressed sound to get

Chopsticks as gift
 To friend: Share weal and woe
 To newlyweds: best wishes, get baby early
 To lover: good ends, be together for ever
 To children : grow up fast and safely
 To older: happy for long life
 To foreigner: long relationship for both cultures
 To business partner: Win-win and mutually
 To teacher: Praise moral

Giving gift
 Luxury gift will make one party embarrassed.

 Don’ts
 clock-----end-----bad luck
 pear-----separate----misunderstand
 crow’s sound-----bad luck
 write letter or sign with red color pen----
break off a friendship
 13-----stupid, foolish
 14-----unfortunate , bad luck(some area)

Elements of the Chinese Style
of Business Negotiation
 Personal Connections

 The English “personal connections” doesn’t

justice to this fundamental concept of
business negotiations with Chinese. For
Chinese, one’s place within his or her social
network is very important. It has its roots in
filial piety, but the notion is extended to
include friends, friends of friends, former
classmates, relatives, and associates with
shared interests.

 The medium of “personal connections” is

 Favors are almost always remembered and

returned, the latter often not right away. In
China, ignoring such reciprocity is not just
bad manners; it’s immoral. To be labeled as
one who forgets favors and fails on
righteousness and loyalty, poisons the well
for all future business. Cause they believe
courtesy demands reciprocity.

 Face or Social Capital

 The notion of face for the Chinese is closely

associated with American concepts of dignity
and prestige.

 Breaking promises, displays of anger, or other

disreputable behaviors at the negotiating
table can all cause you, or more importantly
your client or business partner, to lose face.

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