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Group Members

• Suhit V.Sarode
• Sunmit Jain
• Varun Mande
• Rohit Vichare
• Atul Khatal
• Switej Lopez
• Shivanand Gouda
• Manoj Chatse
•Maharashtra Navnirman Sena was founded by Raj Thackeray

•It was founded on the March 9, 2006 in Mumbai

•Raj a nephew of Bal Thackeray was sidelined to make Uddhav his

successor of Shiv Sena

•Raj resigned from Shiv Sena with an intention to start a new party

•He believed Shiv Sena has fallen from its former glory and party is
runned by “petty clerks”

•The Party is based on hindutva and Bhumiputra Ideology.

I started MNS with a dream

Raj Thackeray
• I started MNS with the dream of development of Maharashtra.

• A dream for comprehensive development of the state. And make

it most powerful state in the country.

• With a mission to address the issue of water scarcity, free

power, jobs, low cost food.

• Was influenced by seeing the poor infrastructure in cities.

• Believes that the planning the cities had collapsed and slum
areas are proliferated in the regime of previous governments
who ruled Maharashtra.
Party Ideology

• Party ideology is based on secularism, and it reflects in

its flag.

• Unlike Shiv Sena its not a hardcore hindutva based


• Core ideology is focused on Maharashtra and its people

& favours specially towards “Son of Soil”

• Believes in protecting the culture and language

(Marathi) of Maharashtra
MNS manifesto
• Employment to Son of Soil

• Unauthorized and illegal construction

• Education

• Water Problem

• Power Generation
• Help For Farmers

• Strive to ensure that the statutory regulations

• Rejuvenate the sick small scale units

• Security of women MNS

• To check on encroachments and excess


• Use of Marathi Language


• Strong Leadership

• Support of Youth

• Political Ideology

• Issues limited to state politics.

• Growing discontent among the


• Less campaigning

• To raised other issues .

• More focus on rural Maharashtra.

• Gain support of different people of

different origin.

• Increasing immigration from other states

• Congress & NCP are major threats on the

issue of secularism

• Shiv Sena and MNS share Same ideology

Branding Raj Thackeray

• You got to stand for something

• Focused on your target group/market

• PR works much better than advertising

• Consistency in message

• Simplify your Brand Proposition

• Attacks on North Indians in Maharashtra

• MNS activists beat up North Indian candidates appearing

for the all-India Railway Recruitment Board entrance exam

• MNS activists threatened its all-woman management at

its Bandra office on September 6. Dial 1298 for
Ambulance, which has been operational since April 2002,
has suspended operations in Mumbai under threat from
the MNS and an illegal strike
Issues to capitalise in
• Unemployment

• Suicides in Vidarbha

• SEZ & Infrastructure

• Belgaum Issue

• Price Rise
Positioning of MNS
• MNS is positioned as a pro marathi political party
• Its style of functioning is aggressive and provocative
• They are perceived to believe in vandalism for getting
things done
• People see a replica of Bal Thackeray in leader Raj
• After the success with current regionalist and son of soil
ideology, they can further utilize this success to address other
issues to widen the scope of issues
• Should reposition itself from pro Marathi stand to pro
Maharashtra stand.
• After the tasting success in Mumbai, they can now adopt “GO
RURAL POLICY” to focus more on farmers.
• They should create an image as a party vying for
comprehensive development of Maharashtra.
• Can work towards empowerment of Woman and development
of children in rural areas.
• To create the same support among the poor and Woman as
they have among youths

• “Son of Soil” issues can work only in limited area.

• Focus must be shifted towards untapped areas
such as rural areas.
• Their focus must be shifted from Marathi
manoos to the manoos of Maharashtra.
Jai Hind, Jai

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