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High differences between Brands and high buyers

Here buying decision is very complex in nature as
there are many variables taken into consideration
while making purchase decision. And there is vast
difference between brands on those variables. So
buyer does comparison and analysis before
making final decision.
• Example : Heavy machines by Cartepiller
 House , flats
Variety seeking buy
High differences between brands and low buyers involvements

There is wide variety of products available but

consumer generally don’t invest time before

making purchase decision.

• Examples: Pens
 Pepsi or Coca cola

Post Purchase Dissonace
Few differences between brands and high buyers involvement

 Manufacturer needs to tell consumers that they

have made right decision by buying their product.

• Example: Hero Honda – Desh ki dhadkan
“Hamara Bajaj…… Hamara Bajaj……”

Postpurchase Dissonance : a consumer reaction after making a
difficult decision that involves doubt and anxiety

ØProbability of experiencing dissonance increases based on:

Degree of commitment or irrevocability
Importance of the decision
Difficulty in choosing
Individual’s tendency to experience anxiety

ØApproaches to reduce dissonance:

Increase the desirability of the brand purchased
Decrease the desirability of rejected brand
Decrease the importance of the purchase
Reverse the purchase decision (return before use)
 Habitual
Few differences between brands and low
 buyers involvement

Here there are few differences between
the brands and consumer’s involvement
is very low.
In this type mind-recall plays
important roll in purchase decision.
Here some brands have so positioned
that they have replaced their product
Example- Cadburry for chocolates,
• Example: Cadburys Dairy Milk