Devise listening and speaking tasks based on selected learning outcomes

By, Afif Theeban Kamil Syam

 Devise= Plan or Invent lesson,
 Procedure : I. Know what is the skills that are being focussed on. ( Listening and speaking) II. Refer to a suitable content and learning standard. III. Prepare a fix objectives IV. Prepare a suitable activities to develop Listening and speaking skills.

.Focussed Skills ( Listening and Speaking)  Knowing the focussed skills of the lesson is very important to help the teacher to plan an activity to enhance the selected focussed skills.  Help to keep the teaching to be always on the right track.

Content Standard & Learning Standard .

Year 1 & 2 .


Year 3 .


Year 4 .


 4. Provide chance for the pupils to give feedbacks through speaking. Has illustration (if necessary) .Choosing the appropriate materials for the lesson  1. Has an audio that can be hear clearly. The audio should not be too complicated or fast.  3.  2.

Example .


.  EXAMPLE : By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to  Introduce themselves.Objectives  The objectives of the lesson should be measurable in the end of the lesson.  Tell their names when they are asked to.  The objectives must be based on the listening and speaking skills.  Objectives of the lesson are important as a guidance for your activity planning.

.  Designed depend on the pupils level of knowledge and skills in English. the teacher should design an activity to achieve the goals of the lesson.Activities  Based on the objectives.  Provides task for the pupils to do so that the teacher can measure the development of the pupils thus measuring the effectiveness of the lesson.

 Listening task 2: Second listening.  Materials: Recording of a person giving instructions how to make a traditional kite.listen and list the items required to make the kite.2 Listen to and follow simple instruction. / One student listens to the group instruction and decorate the kite.4.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.(tape script is in the module)  Listening task 1: First listening.Example 1:  Target group: Year 4  Learning Outcome: 1.(Teacher prepares the materials for each group)  Listening & speaking task 3: Group discussion for decorating and designing the kite followed by presentation of discussion.listen and label sequence the steps in making a kite. .(Teacher prepares the task sheet with the steps in a jumbled order) / Listen again and make the kite in pairs or groups.  Specifications: 1.

seen or read  Material: Identical pictures of Cinderella for Spot the Difference activity . 2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made.3 Talk about things heard.2 Asks other forms of questions to seek information 2.Example 2:  Target group: Year 5  Learning outcomes: 2.3.  Specifications: 2.2.2 Asks question politely to obtain information and clarification.

 The crow and the pitcher  http://www.7. and predict . 1.3 Listen to stories and fables and recall the sequence of events. and other tales of imagination. 7 Listen to and enjoy stories. 1.7. and fantasy.7. and draw conclusions.  Specifications: 1.Example 3:  Share feelings about the story. at a level suited to the pupil’s ability. fables.2 Listen to stories and fables and recall the details.


Activity  What is the name of the animal that involve in the story?  What is a pitcher?  What did the crow find in the pitcher?  How the crow drank the water at last?  Is the crow really clever? Why? .