ABHIMANYU: Learned to enter impenetrable Chakravyuha when Arjuna spoke about entering Chakravyuha and later Subhadra dozed to sleep, so he stopped explaining.

ABHIMANYU: An unparalleled archer and is considered to equal his father in ability with the bow and arrow


Krishna desiring Abhimanyu’s death because Abhimanyu is capable of killing the entire Kauravas all alone and that would make it impossible for the Pandava brothers who have taken vows of killing individual Kauravas.

On the 13th day of battle, the Kauravas challenge the Pandavas to break a circular battle formation known as the Chakravyuha. The Pandavas accept the challenge since they know that the knowledge of how to defeat such a formation is known to Krishna and Arjuna. However, on that day, Krishna and Arjuna are dragged into fighting a war on another front with the Samsaptakas.

Since the Pandavas have accepted the challenge already, they have no choice but to attempt to use young lad Abhimanyu, who has knowledge on how to break into the formation but none whatsoever regarding how to break out of it

Abhimanyu uses his skills to successfully break into the formation. The Pandava brothers and allies attempt to follow him inside the formation, but they are effectively cut off by Jayadratha, the Sindhu king, who makes use of a boon from Shiva to hold off all Pandavas except Arjuna for one day only.

When Abhimanyu commands his charioteer to lead his chariot towards Drona, the man is not happy to do so and raises objections. even if I find in front of me in the battlefield my father Arjuna or my uncle himself, the mighty Vishnu who has conquered the whole universe, that wouldn’t frighten me.


Abhimanyu fights valiantly single-handedly slaying several warriors who come his way including Duryodhana's son Laxman, Karna’s younger brother. He wounds Karna and makes him flee, makes Dushshasana faint in the battlefield so that he has to be carried off by others.

The Rule of War Breached by Duryodhana first: Upon witnessing the death of his beloved son, Duryodhana is incensed and orders the entire Kaurava force to attack Abhimanyu.

The Rule of War again Breached by Karna: Continually frustrated in attempts to pierce Abhimanyu's armor, Karnaon Dronacharya's advice shatters Abhimanyu's bow firing arrows from behind him. Thus disabled, his chariot breaks down shortly later, the charioteer and horses are killed, and all his weapons are laid to waste.


He attempts then to fight off the bow wielding warriors sitting on horses, elephants at the same time with a sword and holds his own until his sword breaks.


At last, he fought with a chariot wheel as a shield. Dushasana's son engages in fierce hand to hand combat with Abhimanyu
Brave people wont run even if the way is open

Ignoring all codes of war, the Kauravas all fight simultaneously with him. Abhimanyu gets killed shortly thereafter when Dushasana's son, Jayadhratha crushes his skull with a mace. It is said that it is Abhimanyu's death that marks the end of the adherence to the rules of war.