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Network Solutions

What if…?
…solving one problem didn’t create new problems? …solving one problem solved multiple problems? …the best technology were also less expensive? …solutions tackle root causes (vs. symptoms)? …solving MOW problems also: Reduces safety risks of derailment, slipping, fire, damage… Increases productivity, benefiting Transportation Extends rail & rolling-stock asset-life Generates fuel energy savings Enhances community relations by reducing noise pollution & hazardous-waste pollution


TRANERGY Family of Products - I
Improves yard productivity by reducing car stalls and improving rollability
YardGlide® SwitchEnhancer™ Wheel Detection

Reduces derailments and ensures safe switch operation

Rugged, economical wheel detectors and interfaces

Reduces train noise on curves by up to 20 dB

Track Noise Suppressor

Environmentally clean

Lubricants and Friction Modifiers

TRANERGY Family of Products - II
Improves train operation on curves by reducing lateral forces and MOW costs
CurvGlide™ BridgeGlide™ SwitchCurvGlide™

Reduces track and bridge forces, rail wear, noise and vibration

Combines the benefits of SwitchEnhancer™ and CurvGlide™ in one unit

Reduces crane motor power draw and track noise to improve productivity and reliability

Portal CraneGlide™

Improves the performance and life of overhead cranes by reducing motor burnout and broken wheel flanges

Overhead CraneGlide™

CurvGlide™ at a glance
•Reduces lateral forces, track damage, and wheel wear •Reduces energy consumption and noise •One Lubricant for TORL & gage face – applied using one machine – in different film thicknesses •No hardware near or on top of rail which can pose a safety hazard •Lubricant flows smoothly in controlled quantities in winter or summer (-30° F to 165° F) •Lubricant is environmentally clean & does not build up a residue on the rail •Very small quantities of lubricant applied precisely – no waste – none applied to locomotive wheels •One machine can lubricate 3 parallel tracks
See also separate video demonstration

CurvGlide™ -- quantifiable benefits
Reduces track maintenance cost Reduces derailment/gage widening forces and actual derailments Reduces rail and wheel wear and rail corrugations Saves energy used by the train in curves Reduces wheel-rail noise Reduces MOW expenses Keeps track clean and reduces slipping hazard Does not contaminate locomotive wheels with lubricant and helps to maintain adhesion.
The Competition, gage-face grease: 6 times more expensive with fewer quantifiable benefits!

50% 50% 50% 5-20% 15-20 dB 50%

SwitchEnhancer™ at a glance
•Automatic Switch Lubricator •Reduces turnout derailments •Reduces turnout and MOW Costs •Builds Capacity •Reduces rail fractures near switches •Increases switch life three-fold
A unit operating on a Class I mainline (60-100 trains / day) had no switch calls for 2-1/2 years

•No track time required for lubrication •Functions well after rain/snow
See also separate video demonstration

SwitchEnhancer™ -- quantifiable benefits
Return on Investment
For critical switches in a yard For mainline switches 11 months 5 months

NOTE: The cost of disruption of traffic due to switch breakdown can be very high on the mainline and in the yard. If this cost is included, ROI can be achieved in as little as 1 – 2 months.

YardGlide™ at a glance
•Reduced Derailments •Reduced short stops and needed trim •Eliminate tipped rail •Consistent car rolling speeds •Reduced lateral forces on sharp curves •Reduced roll outs •Reduced collisions •Reduced track maintenance costs •Increased output per day through the yard

See also separate video demonstration

YardGlide™ -- quantifiable benefits
Improves yard productivity (# cars handled) 10-20% Improves consistency of car speeds, substantially

improving tower control over car movements Protects the safety of yard personnel by eliminating grease pools and slick surfaces Reduces collision damage of cars
Exit speeds reduced from 10-12mph to 7-8mph Coupling speeds reduced from 8-15mph to 4-6mph

TracGlide™ at a glance
Top-of-rail Onboard Lubrication
 Computer-controlled delivery & optimizing system  Computerized operating-data gathering system  A lubricant under rolling conditions; a friction agent under

braking  Environmentally clean  In the long run, fewer locomotives pull more cars  Mainline friction management: the beginning of a significant, long-term RR trend
A Timken-Tranergy Joint Venture

TracGlide™ -- quantifiable benefits
Independent testing by Class I RRs & AAR-TTCI confirmed: Fuel savings up to 42% Productivity improvement > 5%
increased train speed consist changes:  adding 10-24 cars  reducing 1 locomotive

Track maintenance savings 5%
Customer-specific results available upon request

Thank you for your interest in this overview!
There is much more to say about the power of Tranergy technology

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