Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is?

Three tools you can use
Social bookmarking and sharing links:, Publish2, Reddit and more

RSS feeds and feed readers: Google Reader; Yahoo! home page; Bloglines and more.

Twitter: Yes, people do care about what you’re doing.

Write these down

Ten things every journalist should know in 2009
1. How to use Twitter. 2. How to use RSS feeds. 3. What “link journalism” is. 4. That your readers are smarter than you think. 5. That churnalism is much easier to spot online. 6. That Google’s advanced search techniques are your friend. 7. That there are lots of free or cheap tools to experiment with online. 8. That multimedia for multimedia’s sake rarely works. 9. How to write search engine friendly journalism. 10. That social media sites offer lots of info about people; think about the consequences. | John Thompson | | Jan. 13, 2009

But first, why you should care

Business Week, June 11, 2007

Let’s talk social bookmarking One example
Now…how can we apply this principle to helping readers (and ourselves)? Let’s talk about link journalism...

Knoxville News: Social bookmarking

314,815 page views

The tool we’re using for sharing bookmarks

Now, let’s try an experiment...

My Reader

By the way: Save a Google search by RSS...

And don’t forget Google’s advanced search

A few minutes about Twitter...

Twitter: 1,328 followers

Mesac Damas has been indicted for the first-degree premeditated murder of his wife and five children.

Twitter: 3,824 followers Facebook: 1,029 members

181 equals 1,400

Weatherbird: I am not making this up. Headline from news release we just received: "St. Louis Zoo Elephant Undergoing Herpes Treatment."
3:30 PM Feb 11th from twhirl

Invite readers to participate; reward them

Where are the St. Louis fish fries?

Where are the St. Louis fish fries?

A coming Wave?

Reasons to use these tools
1. The tools can help us be efficient. 2. They can provide readers with more information. 3. They continue to make us valuable in our newsrooms. 4. They can get us more engaged with our readers. 5. They’re tools many of our younger readers use. 6. They can make our web sites more relevant to readers. 7. Heck. Some of them are just plain cool.

Newsroom policies on Social Media?
"The common theme that runs through these edicts is that they were written by top managers, with the input of lawyers, who seem to have little understanding of how social media can benefit journalism and news organizations by building community." -- J.D. Lasica, CEO,

Show of hands
You have a Social Media Policy in place? You are in active review of a proposed Policy? You think you will need to a Social Media Policy? You think your existing policies cover most of the issues that will arise?

Tools we mentioned

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