traditional food item and alcoholic drink.  POLYCENTRIC- Use in making chocolates due to suitable climate and technology (US, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland etc.) REGIOCENTRIC - West African Region (Ghana,Ivory Coast,Tunishia,Niger,Cameroon) GEOCENTRIC – Worldwide chocolate industries

ETHNOCENTRIC - Belong to African nations and used as

ETHNOCENTRIC – Belongs to Turkey as Olive tree
originated there. POLYCENTRIC – Export to rest of the world. INDIA- use as edible oil in luxurious hotels and also as baby massage oil. MIDDLE EAST & ISREAL – use as fuel for traditional oil lamp. (Spain,Italy,Greece,Turkey)

REGIOCENTRIC - Mediterranean countries – Use as most nutritious and healthy


edible oil in whole wide world.

discipline originated in Ancient India. POLYCENTRIC – Providing Yoga services in various countries -: Best market is US because of health conscious, mostly old age and couples living stressful life. REGIOCENTRIC – Almost whole India except North East. GEOCENTRIC – Emerging as best body and mind exercise in whole world.

ETNOCENTRIC – Physical and mental

ETHNOCENTRIC- India’s expertise in providing cheap
knowledge intensive high skill services

POLYCENTRIC – (a) US for sophisticated software solution
(e.g. R&D in VLSI) (b)Customers of Japan, Germany(for engineering design),UK etc. for various KPO based services.

REGIOCENTRIC – India along with China,Phillipines,

Thailand and also region of Latin America and Eastern Europe.

GEOCENTRIC- Provide world wide knowledge intensive and high skilled based services.

or hand tossed pizza ) and Chicago style Pizza (Pan Pizza)  POLYCENTRIC – INDIAN MARKET – Punjabi Dhamaka pizza, special veg. pizza for Jains.  US MARKET – “Extreme Pizza” for daring and adventure loving youths of US.  REGIOCENTRIC – North Italian pizza is famous worldwide.  GEOCENTRIC – Used as ready to eat food in most part of the world.

ETHNOCENTRIC – Belongs to Italy (Roman pizza

potato chips introduced in market for the first time in 1965. It originally belong to NEW YORK.  POLYCENTRIC- Cater to different countries tastes by mixing local ingredients in chips.(e.g. Spanish tomato tango, Indian Masala magic,American cheese etc.)  REGIOCENTRIC – product manufacture in many countries and no region specific.  GEOCENTRIC – Worldwide leader in packaged potato chips.

ETHNOCENTRIC – First used as corn chips then

player designed & marketed by APPLE Inc. CA(USA)  POLYCENTRIC – iPod used internet, print media as well as countries' local music channel to attract youth.  REGIOCENTRIC – Only manufactured in US.

ETNOCENTRIC- It is brand of portable media

music player and also largest world market share in online music download in collaboration with ITunes.

– worldwide ,world-class

ETHNOCENTRIC – Japanese traditional art of flower arrangement. POLYCENTRIC – Various Ikebana Art business institutes called Ikebana International are located in different cities (e.g. Hyderabad Ikebana Int. , NY Ikebana Int. etc.) REGIOCENTRIC – Art form concentrated in old Japanese cities of Ikebobono, Kyoto of Honshu Island. GEOCENTRIC – promoting traditional art of Japan without compromising the Japanese style in world market.

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