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Do We Plan our Professional Goals?


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About Us
We help people achieve their Goals
Established in March 2009
Unbiased, qualified, client focused, fee based - FA 1200 client members and growing

Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Chennai & expanding

150 Employee members, 100 financial planners and recruiting

The Current Financial Services Industry

MANUFACTURERS Life Insurance General Insurance Equity Broking Mutual Funds Loans FDs/Bonds Commodities DISTRIBUTORS Banks Distribution Houses Broking firms IFAs/Agents CLIENTS

Currently, the loyalty of the distributor lies with the manufacturer as they are compensated by them.

Ffreedom reverses the current flow by representing the client to the manufacturers as we get compensated by the client

Health Vs. Wealth

Doctor ?????? Fees Patient Comm. Medicine Products Client Comm.


Anybody who is providing Financial Advice for free is actually not providing Financial Advice

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When disaster strikes

How to plan for emergencies?

How much and where?

3-6 Months Expenses

In Liquid Funds

Sweep In Fixed Deposits

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Life Health Asset

Risk Planning- What to Buy??

Risk Planning- How Much to buy ??

Human Life Value:A Scientifically proven formula

Risk Planning- How Much to buy ??

A Thumb Rule: Life Insurance Cover needed=

Annual Expenses *20

Risk Planning

Medical cover needed: Rs. 5,00,000/- per person separately

Risk Planning

Income Replacement Covers: Critical Illness Accidental Disability Cover

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Life Goals Financial Goals

Your Dream Home


Your Childrens Marriage

Dream to Buy a BMW

Price Range: Starting from Rs 32 Lakhs

Steps in goal based investing


Due when?

Plan for this dream

Invest Rs.5250 every month @ 12% May cost Rs. 28 lacs in future May cost Rs. 10 lacs today Child Education 15 years from now

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How is your retirement looking?


Retirement Did you know?

Lets say you are spending Rs.50,000 a month now. How much will you spend when you are 60? Assuming 8% inflation..


503,133 342,424




35 Current Age



Ffreedom Financial Planners

USP: Regular Portfolio Rebalancing and Progressive Asset Allocation

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Hindu Succession Act Some Facts

Class I Spouse Mother Daughter Son I. II Class II Father (1) Sons grandchildren, (2) brother, (3) sister. III (1) Daughter's grandchildren IV. (1) Brother's children (2) Sister's children, V. Father's father; father's mother. VI. Father's widow; brother's widow. VII. Father's brother; fathers' sister. VIII. Mother's father; mother's mother. Class III Government

Think of these situations..

Young person in 30s married with 2 children
parents dependent.

Nominates wife in all investments, insurance, EPF

etc. If he were to die and wife chooses to remarry

What will happen to parents?

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Additional Services
Loans Tax Filing Will, POA and Trust Creation Personal Credit Score Analysis and Improvement

Core Philosophy

By doing good, we will do well

So, how are you faring?