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believe this depends on the policies set forth by the company act the companys ability to be consistent with said policies. If a company doesnt have any set policies and doesnt take measures to ensure a safe working environment then I feel that they do carry some liability for act committed due to the fact that all was not done to protect the well being of their workers.

There is no sure fire way to completely prevent workplace violence but according to the USDA Handbook on Workplace Violence, there are certain responsibilities on the part of employers as well as employees to help reduce it. Employers need to make sure that all employees are aware of and familiar with all workplace policies and procedures regarding violence. Companies should also enlist the aid of security guards and/or cameras when necessary. On top of being familiar with the policies, employees also have the responsibility of securing their own workspaces, being aware of threats and know the procedures for dealing with those threats and any other emergencies. Company should follow the models of organization Behavior.

There are five models of organization behavior such as:Autocratic model Custodial model Supportive model Collegial model System model I would like to choose collegial model to prevent workplace violence. This model shows team concept. Its most useful with unscripted work intellectual environment and considerable job freedom. Employee psychological result is self discipline and performance result is moderate enthusiasm. Managerial result is teamwork. If those characteristics are shown in a company there is less possibility to occurring workplace violence. Company should apply this model employee work in enthusticaly.


companies have not been faced with any serious violent acts within the workplace so the realization of this growing problem is not apparent to them. Unfortunately, a lot of times, it takes something bad to happen in order for prevention measures to be implemented. Theoretically, the smart thing to do would be to have these policies in place before hand but whats logical is not always whats practiced.

This is my opinion but I believe that it depends on the risk of violence. It is more appropriate in some settings than others. I would hope that they would have these procedures in place at a jail but would think a business such as a restaurant might relocate if it became too dangerous or look at catering to a different client base. It also depends on the organization. If we are talking about a school, since this is on the sped forum, I would think it is completely appropriate for the school to do everything possible to keep the students safe to maximize the learning environment. Children are the most precious resources and prevention can never go too far.

In this workplace employees are not safe, secure and violence-free work environment. So for this reason they are always risk. And they made committed violence acts. These violence acts committed many sick individuals. Because violence does not occurs by one or few persons. If we want to remove this violence of companies then we have to do some works; such as Talk to Your Staff, Review Current Practice, Perform a Site Inspection, Consider other factors, Develop Strategies & Evaluation.

And by program development we have to need; such as Policy statement Procedures Periodic risk assessments Documenting risks and providing information Staff training Reporting & investigating Response and follow up Most violent incidents can be prevented. For unforeseen situations, carefully prepared response plans can greatly reduce the severity of the consequences. The most obvious benefit of violence prevention planning is a safer and more secure working environment for everyone connected to your business. Safety planning may also lead to increased job satisfaction and employee morale, a boosted company reputation, and, most importantly, it may save someone's life.