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A Presentation on Case Study of Hyten Corporation

Presented To: Prof. A. B. Raju Presented By: Harsha Silan

It was founded in 1982, as a manufacturer of automotive components.
It became one of the major component suppliers for the Space Program. On June 5, 1998, a meeting was held at Hyten Corporation between Bill Knaap (director of sale) and John Rich (director of engineering).

Mission Implement a more formal project management All departments can participate Prevent overlapping Stay on schedule

Vision Continue to be leader in the development of new products and processes. However, must change the way the manage projects today

Stay on schedule Reduce cost Have coordination between departments Have a better working environment for employees


To implement the formal project management. Business Development

Department has to implement a new facility for the project.

Director of MIS is working on the installation of minicomputers and on-line terminals throughout the plant.

Time it will take to implement Cost Reaction of employees


Will Face Certain Problems: Time Delays New Expenses Disagreement in the Corporation

Actively involved in the Project: President General Manager Managers Comptroller Directors Employees

Customers (External and Internal)

Completion time of individual tasks by functional departments.
Organization by the Business Development Department. Information exchange between divisions and management of decisions

Informal Project Management is performed by functional departments and

It will be difficult to implement a formal Project Management. Some think it may be a disadvantage to the firm Current employees hired will not feel satisfied if new employees enter the firm and they are not considered Whether if there should be an exclusive department for project management or not. Misunderstandings between functional and project managers. Dissatisfaction of the engineering and plant engineering departments. Negative effect to the Automotive Components Division.

Inability to achieve the milestones on time and efficiently Failure in the implementation of the new system. Inability to respond to highly unpredictable circumstances Responsibilities would burden manpower with additional tasks

Increased responsibilities
Bringing someone from outside to be the project manager may be risky as they dont know the company well as someone from the

Someone from the inside may not have expertise in project management as someone from the outside specialized in it.

Implement a brand new formal Project Management Department

Project Management Department is crucial


The Best solution for Hyten Corporation

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