Repositioning Dabur

“The Brand Dabur” turn-around
 Reasons?
 Overall slowdown in FMCG sector  Stiff competition  To target young India- “the largest segment”  Modernize old Brand Equity- “intangible asset”  Streamline/Synergize business operations

Reinventing the Mother Logo

Diversified Portfolio

Dabur Business category

Consumer care division

Consumer health Care division

Dabur foods Ltd (de-merged With DIL, 07)

 Enter new category; innovate offerings  Repositioning as FMCG company  Moved away from Umbrella branding strategy  Retaining Dabur as corporate brand identity

Dabur’s New Brand Architecture 5 Power Brands
Dabur Vatika Anmol Hajmola Real

Health care Herbal products Beauty, Premium image

Mass market, Value for money

Naughty n Tasty Digestive

Umbrella brand for juice and other foods; aimed at up market consumer

Special focus on South India
 South India contributed only 7% for Dabur  Contributed 25% in overall FMCG sector  Dedicated marketing team created  Three step approach:  POS promotion and better stocking practice  Customized packaging and commercials  Customized product launch  Sales increased from 7% to 10% (2002-06)

Other important restructuring exercises
 Dabur International Ltd, Dubai 2003  11.4% of total sales 2005-06  Introduced SAP ERP System-2005  switched to E-Procurement  Inorganic Expansion; Balsara

Dabur India Consolidated Sales 2002-06
2000 Sales (Rs. crore) 1500 1187.1 1000 500 0 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 year 1329.6 1900 1537

Growth strategies adopted by Dabur
 Changing Demography  Growth in purchasing power  Growth in rural and urban demand  Telecom, lifestyle, entertainment et al sectors competing with FMCG for share in consumer’s wallet  Growth in organized retail sector

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