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Reactions of Metals with O2

Metal Reaction rate Magnesium Very fast Aluminium Very fast Zinc Fast Iron Fast Copper Slow Product of reaction

Magnesium oxide Aluminium oxide Zinc oxide Iron oxide Copper oxide

Reactions of Metals with Sulphur, S

Metal Reaction rate Very fast Very fast Fast Fast Slow Product of reaction

Magnesium Aluminium Zinc Iron Copper

Magnesium sulphide Aluminium sulphide Zinc sulphide Iron sulphide Copper sulphide

Sand is an example of SILICON

2 properties


Shiny Bluish - grey Brittle metalloid with a high melting point It looks like a metal but it is Chemically more like a non-metal.

3 compounds Does not occur freely in nature.

Stable compounds Insoluble in water Do not decompose on heating Do not react with acids

silicon usually combines with other elements like metals and oxygen to form: - SILICA AND SILICATE.

6.3 Silicon Compounds

6.3 Silicon Compounds

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earths crust. Silicon does not exist as a free element in its natural state, but in compounds Silicon compounds in the Earths crust silica, silicates

silicon dioxide

Silicates silicon, metal, oxygen

Silicon compounds and their examples

Silicon compound Silica Silicate Example Sand, quartz Asbestos, jade, clay, mica





Silica and Silicates

Insoluble in water Do not react with acid Do not break down when heated Thats why they are very stable in the Earth crust Hence, not easily eroded, found in large quantities in the Earths crust

Silica and Silicates

In industry:
Manufacture of glass, fiber optic cables, ceramics



Also known as silicon dioxide.

it is combination of: silicon + oxygen

Example of silica are:

silicon dioxide ( silica)

1. Sand used to make bricks, mortar, cement, concrete and glassware like flasks and mirror.

2. Flint- used to light lighter and gas stove


Quartz- strong and transparent , used for making watches and prisms.


1. It is combination of : Silicon + oxygen + metal silicate

Example of silicate are: Clay - use to make ceramics goods like flower pots and pottery. Mica - use as an electric insulator in electrical equipment Asbestos - used as heat insulators in the form of sheets like fire-fighters outfits. Jade, Ruby and Topaz - used as ornamental stones because these silicate have very beautiful colour.


Rock crystal










Uses of silicon compounds in daily life:

Used as ornamental stones