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Ong Seng Choo

Kota Bharu
What is
1. The teachers get right down to
business. They begin promptly and
are well-organized.
2. They teach at an appropriately
pace, but stop regularly to check
students’ comprehension and

3. They use a variety of

instructional strategies rather than
lecture alone.
4. They focus on the topic and
make sure their instructional
objective does not get sidetracked.
The explanations are clear.

5. They use humour that is in

keeping with their individual styles.
6. They practised good
management techniques, holding the
attention and respect of the group.

7. They interact with students well

and praise students’ answer and use
probing questions to extend the
8. They provide a warm classroom
climate by allowing students to speak
freely and including personal humour
or other attempts to relate to the
students as people.

9. They use non-verbal behaviour

such as gestures, walking around and
eye contact to rein force their
10. They provide space and
environment for students to enjoy
learning. Make learning English
The mediocre teacher tells,
The good teacher explains,
The superior teacher
The great teacher inspires.
An extraordinary teacher is the one
who does the things and inspires
others to do.

An ordinary teacher will always

say, ‘this cannot be done’ or will
not do it at all.
Peranan Pentadbir
dalam P&P
Bahasa Inggeris
U.S Senate, 1972
“… School principal (head teacher) is the most important
and influential individual in any school … It is his
leadership that sets the tone of the school, the climate
for learning, the level of professionalism and morale of
teachers and the degree of concern for what students
may or may not become … If a school is a vibrant,
innovative, child-centred place, if it has a reputation for
excellence in teaching; if students are performing to the
best of their ability, one can almost always point to the
principal’s leadership as the key to success”
Mortimore, 1980

“Pemimpin yang berkesan

sering melibatkan diri dan
mempunyai pengetahuan
tentang apa yang berlaku di
dalam bilik darjah serta
kemajuan pelajar-pelajar secara
Bill Reddin, 1990

“Once managers have decided

they want to become effective,
they should initially focus on how
they could contribute more, or
more effectively, than they are
doing now”

Post-mortem PERANAN pemantauan


sokongan Caring-quotient
Activities Towards Effective Teaching
 English-In-Camp
 English On Air
 English Bulletin
 Drama
 Public Speaking
 Learn a word a day
 Choral speaking
 Spell-It-Right
 English Week
 Essay-Writing Competition
 Debate

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