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Making the connection: Workplace wellness programs & employee engagement

Healthy Outcomes Conference April 2008 Violette Lareau, Xerox Doug Smeall, Sun Life Financial Lori Casselman, Buffett & Company

Lifes brighter under the sun.

The profits of prevention

1. Costs follow health risks in both directions 2. Absenteeism, presenteeism & productivity

tied to health risks 3. It pays to keep healthy people healthy 4. Even small increases in physical activity can produce results 5. Gains in employee engagement can be tied to wellness programs

Costs follow health risks

Annual medical charges for different ages and health risk groups

Low Risk Non-P art icipant Medium Risk High Risk

High Risk Medium Risk Non-P art icipant 35-44 45-54 55-64 Low Risk 65-74 75+
Source: D. Edington. Emerging Research: A View From One Research Centre

University of Michigan study
Workplace health promotion shown to decrease

10.5% in first year of implemented program

14% in second year

Translates into $1.22 - $1.63 savings per dollar


Schultz et al. (2002) Influence of participation in a worksite health promotion program on disability days. Health promotion participation and disability,.

It pays to keep healthy people healthy


Medical & care management opportunity


Serious Disease Minor Disease No Disease

Healthcare costs (USD)


Health promotion opportunity


Disease management opportunity

Serious Dise No Disease

Minor Disea

Q -1 2

Q -1 0

Q 4

Q 2

Q 4

Q 6

Q 8

Q 10

Q 12

Q -8

Q -6

Q -2

Q -0

Time period

Source: Musich, Schultz, Burton, Edington (2004). Overview of disease management approaches. Disease management and outcomes.

Q -1 2

Q -1 0

Q 4

Q 2

Q 4

Q 6

Q 8

Q 10

Time period

Q 12

Q -8

Q -6

Q -2

Q -0

Even small increases in physical activity can bring results

Study of walkers:
Short bout versus long bout

achieved similar fitness gains in oxygen capacity

Body mass and waist

circumference decreased substantially among short bout walkers

Source: Murphy, MH and Hardman, AE. Training effects of short and long bouts of brisk walking in sedentary woman. 6

Gains in employee engagement and wellness programs


Year 1

Year 2

Organizational commitment
Job involvement Growth opportunities Supervision Working conditions Job competence Respect from family, friends

62.9 63.0 66.7 72.6 77.9 73.5

63.4 62.5 66.2 74.6 77.9 74.2

63.8 61.3 63.8 67.6 76.5 73.1

65.1 63.5 67.2 76.0 80.3 75.4

64.6 62.6 64.1 70.1 79.4 73.6

Relations with co-workers

Pay and fringe benefits Job security

65.6 71.7

66.2 72.9

61.6 69.4

71.9 72.1

68.9 69.6

Journal of Occupational Medicine (Volume 32, No. 10, October 1990)

Program evaluation: Impact of wellness initiatives on an organization

Major impact
Improved organization image organizat ion image

No impact
31% 32% 30% 34% 31% 35% 28% 20% 26% 16% 25% 23% 23% 28%
40% 50% 60% 70% 80%

5% 21% 2% 21% 4% 17% 3% 32% 27% 31% 30% 32%



23% 19%


Improved morale / workforce morale/ job Job satisfaction

sat isfact ion

Reduced population P opulat ion healt h risk health risk scores



Reduced employee absences duced employee absences due to sickness or disability

e t o sickness or disabilit y

2% 13% 2% 9% 1% 11%
0% 10% 20%


Improved workplace safety workplace safet y


Improved worker productivity worker product ivit y

Improved employee ncreased ret ent ion of retention (reduced turnover)

oyees (reduced t urnover)



Source: Buck Consultants (October 2007). Working Well: A global survey of health promotion and workplace wellness strategies.

The Xerox Canada journey towards a healthy workplace

Lifes brighter under the sun.

About Xerox Canada

3,800 employees located across Canada Diverse population Multi-generational 35% virtual Call centers on east coast


Wellness at Xerox: Why? (Business case)

Escalating costs:
Health care benefits Mental health issues / stress Absenteeism / presenteeism Aging population

Productivity: 14,000 lost days in 2005!


Wellness at Xerox: Why? (Business case)

Prevention makes a lot of

Employer of choice

necessary to attract & retain talent

Multi-generational appeal
Expected ROI over time: 3:1 minimum based on published studies

Wellness is more than



Xerox Cares - Program intentions

Create a healthy organizational Remove barriers: Lack of reliable information on

culture to attract and retain talent

Engage employees in achieving

health issues
Too much information / too

wellness for themselves and their families

Encourage and support their

many conflicting sources

Need accessible ways to get


going: small, inexpensive steps

No time to read about it
Lack of motivation No family doctor available for

regular assessment
Hate to workout Reduce health risks


Xerox Cares - Leadership engagement

Business case and proposal presented to small group of VPs 3:1 ROI based on three-year program commitment Proposal: Assess current overall Xerox Cares portfolio, align and

leverage EAP, disability management, benefits, etc.

Source best partners to add more value
Invest in pilot to assess health risk of the population Review results and invest in three-year plan

Prepare full-blown launch of Xerox Cares

Communicate: Posters, face to face and online meetings If not wellness. then what?

Xerox Cares - Leadership event

Annual business planning meeting for all Xerox VPs (17) Interactive two-day offsite, given two hours to present/engage Fitness activities built in (outdoor adventure walk, yoga) Resource materials (Wellness kit) & track suits Key opportunity to: Educate group on planned wellness approach Engage leaders as active supporters of program activities Gather feedback Vital to establish support before implementing program We gave this group regular updates


Wellness at Xerox Canada: 3 steps

1. Assess our populations

health risks
2. Develop initiatives

throughout the year to reduce and contain health risk in supportive environment
3. Measure success

Make participation easy, non-threatening and fun!


Step 1: Health Risk Assessment

BWell Cardiovascular Risk Assessment pilot program
RN screens participants in a 15-minute appointment Measures blood pressure, total cholesterol, random glucose,

BMI and body fat

Take away: personal scores and educational info on risk factors Participants can be re-assessed each year

LifeWorks / Checkpoint HRA:

Lifestyle comprehensive risk assessment Can use the numbers received in the BWell assessment Access online Incentive / contest to get it going


Step 1: Health Risk Assessment

Risk factors identified year one (three pilot clinics): Smoking (19%) Systolic blood pressure (29%) Diastolic blood pressure (17%) Cholesterol (17%)

Glucose (9%)

72% fell into moderate to high risk category for body composition and/or BMI

Other risks identified in EAP report and OHS:

#1 reason for STD: Psychological #1 EAP presenting issue: Stress and work-life balance


Step 2: Develop targeted initiatives

BWell assessment Bwell quarterly newsletter

Cardiovascular risk established Information at their fingertips



Spring challenge: Fitness

Fall challenge: Nutrition & wellness Weight management and nutrition clinics nutrition clinics Stress management lunch & learn Ergonomics in the office Flu shots

Motivation: Fitness Create new habits in 30 days

Motivation: Nutrition Create new habits in 30 days

Interactive onsite info session

Manage psychological stress, build resilience Better posture, less strains & pains Flu prevention, reduced absenteeism

3. Measure success
Participation Employee engagement Cost avoidance Return on investment

Direct cost containment


3. Measure success
Challenges engaged over 40% of the population CV assessment: 25% Online assessment: 30% Lunch and Learn: 15% Website: 60% (2288 unique users)

Employee engagement
2007 Best 50 Employers Survey (Hewitt): 38th from 49th previously

Xerox 2007 EES internal survey:

83% would recommend Xerox as a good employer 86% are proud to work for Xerox

3. Measure success: Cost avoidance

2007 ROI 2:1 after only one full year into the program!

450 repeat participants 152 (38%) improved on four or

more risk factors

Weight loss

209 people (53%) improved

34 moved into a healthy zone 21 stopped smoking


3. Measure success: Cost avoidance

From non-healthy to healthy zone 26 82 59 107 21 Cost avoidance $11,566.10 $55,865.78 $43,719.00 $26,868.77 $71,316.00 $209,335.65 $21,227.71 $230,563.36

BMI / Body fat Cholesterol Blood glucose Blood pressure Smoking

Cost avoidance second time participant (398) Cost avoidance third time participant (52 - East Coast) Total


Employee feedback
Id like to thank Xerox for giving us the opportunity to bond together during the fitness challenge. The emails that passed back and forth as different members shared what exercise they were doing brought us so close together that we forgot for a little while the huge geography that separates us.

We put our health on the backburner (or just take it completely off the stove) to look after other responsibilities. But whats more important than our health? When you think about it this way, those responsibilities don't seem quite as important. The BWell Fitness Challenge helped us realize this.


Lesson learned
Recognize you need the help Develop a network of

of experts at the outset

Build a good business case

champions / coordinators
Get a commitment for at

that aligns with your corporate objectives

Engage your top leaders to

least three years

Engage remote locations and

virtual employees early on

Make it easy: small steps

actively support
Consider your culture and

Sustaining momentum

work with it and your different segments

Have a structured approach

requires focus, planning and a good process

and measurable outcomes


Leadership feedback
This was the best investment we have made...

This is really helping to engage our people in the workplace. Manager, Xerox east coast
We need to push the envelope to continue to find even more ways to bring this program to all employees, as it is so valuable.


Two key wellness elements

Lifes brighter under the sun.

BWell Wellness website

Fully-customized product

developed, based on input from Xerox

One-stop-shop for health

and wellness
Hosted online:

Available for family

members, too
All tools related to wellness

program linked through site

Excellent communication


Sample BWell website


BWell Challenges

Sample BWell Challenge


Thank you!

Lifes brighter under the sun.