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Marlith deyanira vega cordova

ariano Santos mateos
Quinto año A
Start by thinking about
your students

What do students
already know?
What are their
technical abilities?
 This is the hook. You want to capture your students and
get them excited about the activity.
 This should be:
 Meaningful
 Relevant
 Written at grade level
 Explains the expectations.
 Rubrics (
 Ties everything together and has
students reflecting on their learning and
the process they went through.

Congratulations on a job well done! Ms. Ima Fake is eager

to look at all the playground designs and I’m sure all the
children at Notfo Real School are very grateful.
Why let the fun and learning stop here? Put your new
found knowledge of simple machines to use some more.
Perhaps you can design a new amusement park ride that
makes use of simple machines. Maybe you can think of a
problem that could be solved with a simple machine, such
as an invention that helps to get you out of bed in the
morning. These would also be great topics to incorporate
into your writing during Writers Workshop.
Just don’t let your discovery of simple machines end here.
Look all around you. I think you’ll be amazed to discover
how often you use simple machines.
Printable webquest
Webquest hosting site
Your mission for next
Look at the content you teach and
Create a webquest or
Find a webquest
That you can use in your classroom.

Come back next week and share with

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