22nd - 23rd of August, Queenstown, New Zealand

Presenter: James Breeze - Chief Experience Officer Session title: The New User Experience

Well designed product




An RIA experience ideal
• • • • Seamless Focussed Connected Aware

Workflow modelling
• What are the primary steps to complete
– Where does info come from? – What info is necessary – How is it entered?

• Research
– Current/future processes? – Usage patterns

Workflow modelling
• Improving
– – – – – Eliminate redundant data entry Minimal instruction Consolidate steps Intrerate functionality already available elsewhere Things should be as simpler as possible and no simple

• Visual momentum
– Animation to draw attention – Progressive disclosure

• Early understanding
– Business – Users

• Early translation
– Pictures tell a 1000 words – Workshop for objectivity and creativity

• Ongoing validation
– Workshops – Expert reviews – Testing

Triangulate methods
Technique ForumBased Description Group Discussion Pros Qual++ Requirements Fast Anywhere Quant Qual Eye tracking Cons Less control

Survey -Based On-Site Testing Ethnography Expert Review

Interactive Tool 1-on-1

Less detail Low users Slow Experimenter effect No users

Desk review


Remote testing
• Online recruitment
– Careful selection – Database creation – Online incentives


Carefully moderated forum

Automated Survey

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