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A-Z HVAC Practical Desgin

Bank ground floor

Heat load calculations:

I intended to calculate it with two ways and compare: 1st method is more complicated and more real. 2nd method is less complicated and also real. Beginning is with the 1st method:

Calculations of internal loads:

I) Heat transmission load: (sensible) Its heat load transmitted from outside media to the inside media through walls. Simply : Qt=U*A*(To-Ti)

U: overall heat transfer coefficient ;assuming walls are formed from concentric bricks so U=0.72 w/m2 .Celsius from table(3-4). A: Area=175 m2 from AutoCAD file.

To:outside dry bulb heat (without any moisture)=40 C. Ti:inside wet bulb heat(100% moisture)=24.
This values are standards for Alexandria and depends on location. Then

Qt=2016 W.

II)Q solar heat gain:(sensible)

Qs=Qwalls+Qwindows+Qroof Generally Q=U*A*(Toutside-Tinside) as U as defined and differs from glass to bricks To=40,Ti=24. 1.Area of walls = area of walls area of glass. area of walls from CAD =(29.12*3)-[2*1+2*1]=83.36m squared. 2.As bank is 2 floors so roof heat gain will be discarded. 3.Qglass=SHGC*A*SHC as SHC is the shading coefficient =0.6,SHGC is solar heat gain coefficient=400 W/m2 in alexandria. Qs=960.3+960=1920.3 W Note: Alexandrias location make direct sun rays only from south so I used this rule in design.

III) Personnels heat load:(sensible and latent): Latent heat load related to the relative humidity in air. Sensible heat load is the sensed heat from 1 person. Qp=Qp sensible+Qp latent Qp sensible =number of persons*Q per person sensible Qp latent =number of persons*Q per person latent

Values of Q per person is 120 W & Q latent is 160 W. Average personnel except stairs and bathrooms and supervisor room is 20. Qp=5600 W

IV)Light load:(sensible)
Qlight=N*(watt per lamp)=11(4*14)+19(2*18)+3*7=1321w

V)Equipment load:(sensible)

Q= wattage for all equipments. Assuming 8 computers ,4 printers & 6 phones For pc average wattage is 200 ,70 for printers and 5 for phones. Q=1910 W Total load =2016+1920.3+5600+1910=11.45 KW.

2nd method

Area=175 meter squared. So 12 TR is needed then use 20 TR Chiller. Circulation rate 12*195=2340 L/s Required fresh air =30* 7=210 L/s AHU circulated air=0.2*2340=468 L/s FCU circulated air=1872 L/s AHUs power =468*3=1.4KW FCUs power=1872*0.8=1.5KW Chillers power=20*2=40KW Due to cost we use 2 AHU 1*1KW &1 *0.5KW.

FCU is distributed as following: 2*0.2KW FCUs at reciption,2*0.2KW at Customer services ,2*0.2 KW at Customer waiting list & 1*0.3KW at the stairs. For the supervisor room 1TR is required so we use 1*0.2KW FCU and for the other stairs onther 0.3KW FCU is installed. So the total chillers power =44KW Finally we choose 1 chiller of 50KW