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Simply Genius OHS

OHS made easy

Four step process

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Is this you? Or is this you?

We’ve never had an accident – We’re OK – Our OHS is up to

it won’t happen to us date and we know all there is
to know for our business

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Snippets from the WorkCover Annual Report 2007-2008

(not the really boring stuff!)

In 2007/08, WorkCover issued:

• 13,109 improvement notices for non-compliance with

workplace safety legislation

• 3919 confirmation of advice records (no-penalty advice)

• 619 penalty notices

• 994 prohibition notices (stop work until it’s fixed)

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Workplace deaths in Australia in July – Dec 2008

88 people died from work

related activities
79 were male
20% of workers were aged 55 years and over

76% of fatalities occurred in just four industries eg

Construction; Transport and storage; and
Manufacturing, Agriculture, forestry and fishing

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Whose job is it anyway?

“Common sense” is a myth!

Safety (for yourself and others) may

seem obvious – but we’re not born
with the knowledge of workplace risks
or controls and how to manage them

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What’s the minimum you need to know?

New South Wales

OHS Act 2000, Workplace Injury Management and
Acts Workers Compensation, etc

Regulations OHS Regulation 2001

WorkCover and National Codes, manual

Codes of Practice handling, high risk work, construction,
moving plant, work on roofs etc

Australian standards Risk management., Machinery

guarding, noise, PPCE, equipment,
electrical, test & tag etc

Resulting in workplace
What you can’t do is - NOTHING
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OHS confidence

If WorkCover came through the door today, how confident

would you be of the outcome?

It would I’m not I’m very

worry me sure I’m OK confident

If I was a WorkCover inspector, what evidence can you show me

that you have complied with the OHS Act & Regulations, codes of
practice and Australian Standards?

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What do you have to do?

Employer must demonstrate a duty of care

• ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees,

contractors , visitors and the public (whether invited or not)
• Provide safe premises (workplace)

• Make sure your plant, equipment, materials and

substances provides are safe

• Have safe systems of work

• Provide information, instruction, training and supervision

• Adequate facilities including support systems

By documenting everything you do

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What do you have to do?

Employee’s responsibilities

OHS is everyone’s responsibility – whether reporting a hazard

or being involved in OHS consultation, employees are required

• comply with employer’s OHS policies and procedures

• make sure that your actions do not put others at risk
• work safely

• use and maintain machinery and equipment properly

• make sure that your work area is free of hazards

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FOUR simple steps

1.Identify where you want be - what are

your OHS goals?

2.Make a plan – how you will get there

3.Put the plan in action – Just do it

4.Check the plan – is it working?

monitor, review, evaluate

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A Tale or two

1. No procedures led to forklift hit - $32,000 fine

Worker sustained fractured shin and broken
ankle - Mainfreight Distribution Pty Ltd

2. Forklift hit – No fine - Worker sustained broken

What’s the difference between these two?
1. No systems, no evidence or risk assessments, consultation or management of OHS

2. Uses the Simply Genius OHS system, with 4 years of evidence of risk assessments,
consultation and management of OHS

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A Tale or two – August 2009
$198,000 fine for builders over youth’s severe head injury
$260,000 fine - Sara Lee for recurring head injury risk
$416,000 - Coles cops damages payout
$300,000 fine for roller-door manufacturer for fatal plant drop
$200,000 fine for freight company fined for abdicating
responsibility to workers & client
$840,000 fine - Baulderstone Hornibrook for cross city tunnel death
$26,000 fine - Minepro was convicted for plant collision.
$44,000 fine - Marton Nominees Pty Ltd (MN), injuries to
back and neck – failure to consult with engineers
$26,000 fine - Minepro was convicted for plant collision.
$144,000 fine - Duct Master was convicted and fined while
each of the directors were also convicted and fined $14,400

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If you have nothing or what you’ve got isn’t

Options What’s good about this What’s challenging about

this option?

• Low initial outlay • Lack of knowledge

• Do it yourself
• Use in-house staff • Lost productivity & time to
develop systems (eg 6 mths)

• Works individually with • Cost (eg $10,000 + plus)

• Hire a
consultant you • Often has limited support

• Join industry • Industry knowledge • Can still be costly (eg MBA

association costs quoted for one of our
new clients last month was

Doing NOTHING is not an option

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OHS compliant in a week? – now that’s Genius!

Why this HTML

based OHS system
is great for any
size business

1. The ready to use forms are intuitive, quick, customisable

and easy to use
2. Flowchart processes guide you every step of the way
3. Unique “Click and go” approach, fast and easy to use
4. User friendly and backed with plain English support
documents – you don’t need to be an OHS expert
5. It’s backed by our money back satisfaction guarantee

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Sample screen shots

Fig 3 –Details of action to be

taken in process

Fig 1 - Section home page select a


Fig 2 – “Click & go” to process


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Devils Pty
Pty Ltd
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What can you do?

Talk with us

We’ll help you audit the basics and offer

suggestions for your OHS challenges

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More about us
We’re here to help you along the way. The Detail Devils®, can provide you with additional
expert training and consulting services. For all your enquiries and questions please call us.
We are the OHS experts, here to help with any questions relating to the processes in Simply
Genius OHS. We will update you with any changes and send you a monthly OHS bulletin.
This will ensure you maintain currency and relevancy when using Simply Genius OHS as you
continually strive to maintain a healthy & safe workplace. Our individually tailored consulting
services will assist you to implement best OHS business practice.

We stay a step ahead

• Constant monitoring of OHS legislation at a State, National and
International level through membership of the Safety Institute of
Australia, and numerous authoritative sources and research.
• Continual education of our team.
• Participation at Safety Shows throughout Australia.
• Extensive network contacts and company OHS library (covering
approx 20,000 documents)
• We have a diverse range of over 150 clients spanning the whole
gamut of industries.
• Not one client has had a WorkCover fine when using our
products or services.

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