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A is for…

• Always say “please”

• Always ask questions
• Always be nice by clapping
• Always shake peoples hands when first meeting them
• Always put your napkin on your lap when your at a

Kevin Young

B is for behave yourself!

Be polite.
Be courteous.

This is where my short

story will go.
C is for Caring
Emily Kellum
• Its always nice to
include other people
when you play games.
True or false?
• Its nice to invite people
to your house.True or
• Its nice to pick up trash.
True or false?
C is for Caring
By Ashlee deDiego

 Caring for other peoples feelings is nice

 It is nice to include other people in
D is for Dining Etiquette
by Celeste Lindberg

* Use your napkin

* Chew with your
mouth closed
* Excuse yourself
E is for say your Excused
• When ever some Your excused sun
one burps or Excuse me master
sneezes its polite
to say your

By Zack
F is for friendly attitude
It is important to have a good attitude because…

•People will not like you if you’re rude

•If you are in a interview you probably won’t make a

good impression

•You need a good attitude to get a good job

Always offer to shake the persons hand Never turn down a hand shake

Sebastian Custodia
What does G stand for?
• G is for good

Rebecca Fallon
H is for hands out of the
• Please keep your
hands out of the
food because it is
not polite and you
might get germs
in the food.

By Ian Hower.
I is for Italian food

• Italian food is good

• By Joe Vally
J is for jealous
What should you do
1. Start jumping up and down
2. Get over it.
if you see someone 3. Walk over and take it from their
hand or plate.
take the last piece 4. Scream “he took the last piece, he
isn’t sharing”.

of food?

By Ben Muirhead
K is for Kindness
By Kelsey South

• Be kind to your surroundings

• Be kind to friends and family
• Be kind to animals
L is for don’t laugh at
Don’t laugh at people for how
they eat or drink. If you think it is
funny keep it to your self. You can
laugh at a good joke but not with
your mouth full.

Ellie Gonzales
M is for Manners
•Make your guest happy
•Make sure you push in your
chair and fold your napkin
•Manage your body

By Ariel
N is for napkin etiquette
Where do you put your

Do you put your napkin on your head?

N is for napkin etiquette
Where do you put your napkin?

Do you put it on your lap?

N is for napkin etiquette
Where do you put your napkin?
Do you put it on your head?
Do you put it on your lap?
Do you sit on it?
If you answered the second one you were right.

“O” is for offer
By: Isaac Long

•Offer drinks to make people comfortable in your house

•Offer appetizers so your visitors can have a snack before
•Offer visitors to sit down in your house
P is for Polite
• Be polite at a
dinner table.
• Be polite and have
good manners at
the table.

By Roosevelt
Hoover IV
Q is for quick
 Quick say excuse me when you belch
 Quick don’t let anyone see the food coming out of your
mouth by Kristi Kusa

 Quick cover your mouth before someone sees

“R” Is For Respect. EVAN

Give people their space.

Ask people questions
S is for never SLOUCH!
• Never Slouch!
• Make sure to sit up straight!
• Sit up straight before people have to remind
By Vanessa Vaughn
“T” is for Thank You
By Kathleen Dahlhoff

 Thank people when they help you

 Thank people for being there
 Saying “Thank you” is polite
“U” is for upright
• Sitting upright is

• Not sitting upright

is wrong.

Luke Aggarwal
“V” is for voice
• Keep an inside voice when talking to
friends at the table.
• Keep a nice voice when talking to

By: Jack
W is for…
• “Welcome, how
are you today?”

By: Jimmy
X is for “excuse”
• Say excuse me
when you burp.
• Say may I be
• Say excuse me
when you want

• By Kimmy Sloan
BY: Ian E.
• Don’t yell while
people are eating
their meal, it could be
Z is for zig-zag
By Katy Samuels

• Don’t zig-zag
in your chair
at the table or
you might get

in trouble. 