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Entrepreneurship is the process of

identifying, developing, and bring the

vision into life's .Vision may be an
innovative idea, an opportunity, a
better way in doing something. The end
result of this process is the creation of a
new venture formed under conditions
of risk or uncertainty
Definition of
* Entrepreneurship by Richard Cantillon as his
own work (self-employment). An entrepreneur
buy now and sell at a certain price on the future
price uncertainty. So the definition is more
emphasis on how a person at risk or uncertainty

* Entrepreneurship by penrose entrepreneurial
activities include the identification of
opportunities in the economic system

* Entrepreneurship by harvey Leibenstein
entrepreneurship include activities that create or
implement corporate needs for when all the
market yet or have not been identified Cleary, or
component functions largely unknown

The role of entrepreneurship in
the economy of a country is:
- Create jobs
- reducing unemployment
- Increasing income
- Combining the factors of
production (natural, labor,
capital and expertise)
- Increasing national

The characteristics of an
entrepreneur is:
Task-oriented and results
risk takers
Oriented to the future
Honest and diligent

Has the nature of confidence, independence, individuality, optimism
Always strive to excel, profit-oriented, had persistence and fortitude,
have a strong determination, hardworking, energetic and have the
Having the ability to take risks and like the challenge
Behave as a leader, can get along with others and likes to suggestions
and constructive criticism
It has a high innovation and creativity, flexible, versatile and has an
extensive business network
Perception and perspective-oriented future
Having a belief that life is the same as the hard work
The properties of an
entrepreneur is:

Having a positive mental attitude
Ability to think creatively
Like to try something new (innovative)
Have the motivation and high morale
Able to communicate
Terms of

Broadly speaking, the business can be categorized as follows:
a. trading businesses: businesses that sell products other party activities. For
example: shop / grocery store, auto parts store, drug store / herbs, bookstores,
clothing stores, etc..
b. Business services: business operations m reflected on the service / service to
others. For example: transportation services, salon, tax consultant, construction
services, car service, electrical service, etc..
c. Trade and services: a joint effort between the trade and services sector. For
example: the bike shop / car parts and also provide sales, service wiata trip
that also serve catering, etc..
d. Manufacturing (production): the business that produces a variety of
products / items such as:
- Agriculture - farming - mining
- Fisheries - craft - software company
- Factory computer - the auto industry - industrial components
- Industrial electro - industrial equipment - etc.
fields of

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