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Presented by :
Vanessa Halili
Leslie Ann Bucud
Aileen David
Melissa Tungul
Judy Rose Sunga
Beverly Martin

Having a
hard time
of paying
No specific
changes of
the amount
of payment
of each
Electronic Canteen Card
(E.C. Card)

Statement of the Problem
The general problem on how the canteen can
lessen the time of users paying bills for their food. And
also accuracy and efficiency of the canteen
Specific Problems
1. How can the proposed study make the canteen payment faster?
2. How to store, keep and retrieve information of bills easily?
3. How to secure the billing information being stored from
unauthorized person?
4. How can the proposed study be affordable and portable for the
students, teachers and employees?
5. How can the proposed study provide an information regarding the
payments of exact amount in bills of the users?

Objective of the Study
The general objective of the study is to
provide an upgraded system for canteens in order to
say competitive and makes efficient use of the
advance technology for the betterment of school
facilities. These are the specific objectives:
1. The proposed study will make the canteen payments
faster by providing an automated machine. The
machine used in the Electronic Billing system is like
ATM wherein the purchase of the food can be done
by simply swiping the card into it.
2. The proposed study will make a database where
information of bills are stored and also can be
retrieved to reduce manual effort in storing and
retrieving such information.

3. The proposed study will provide a security module to
secure the system and information that are being stored in
the database from unauthorized user.
4. The proposed study will provide a unique and easy to
carry electronic card that can be replaceable once lost .
The canteen management will decide about the specific
discount for the users.
5. The proposed study will lessen the number of users
not playing their food because of the automated machine
that will ensure the payment of the users are recorded
once they ordered.
 Locale
 Students
 Employees of Canteen
 Researchers

Significance of the Study

Scope of Delimitation
• The scope of the system covers the billing system of the
food. It focuses on the process of billing of the resources
in order to save time and effort in the part of the uses who
are paying.
• The system is created to help in billing process and to
store billing records in the database for the records and
financial balances of the management.
• Availing of E.C. Card is done upon the first week of
school year.
• For the students, they must present their ID and
registration form while ID and employee records for the
employees and teachers.
• The first name and surname of the users together with
the unique logo and code is encrypted in the EC Card to
prevent unauthentic cards.


This card is non-transferable and entitles the card holder to
the privileges accorded to all Electronic Canteen Card
System members. The use of the card is governed by the
terms and conditions specified in the application form
which the holder agrees to abide.

• The system is prepaid that’s why users are obliged to load
their accounts in Electronic Canteen Loading area and
deposit money to the Cashier teller.
• Once the card is lost, the user can talk to the cashier teller
about the availing of new card.
• The new card contains the exact amount left in their old
• The system has the database that’s why all the records are
secured and accurate.
• The personnel who operate the system will be given 3 trials
only to open the password of the system for security
• The IT expert will be needed in case of emergencies like
over trial of the personnel to open the accounts of the users.

 EC CARD is intended for the canteen
management of Mary the Queen College
Pampanga, Inc. purposes only. It can’t be used
for the purchase of school supplies, paying of
tuition fees, department shirts, etc. It is made for
canteen purposes only.
 The E.C. Card is valid until the students are
studying at MQCPI. Upon enrolment, the users
can reactivate their accounts if they still want to
avail the card. Renewal can be held when the
card is already expired. With regards to the
policies implemented for the system, once the
user did not follow the rules and regulations of
the canteen management, their respective cards
will be hold and the remaining balances will be

*The advantage of the system is only for the users who
presented the card. Otherwise, if the user doesn’t have the
card, he/she cannot able to use the system and the
discount on the items purchased.

*The regular customer without premium card will pay for
the regular rate and buy at the other side of canteen which
is intended for the unsubscribed EC card users.

*Once the EC Card’s balance is empty, the user can’t able
to purchase the food because the system will automatically
display the balance and the item’s price in the automated
machine which can also provide a receipt depends upon the
request of the user. If there are complains and other
negative reactions about the system, the management of
the canteen will take charge of it not the school president
or officers.

*The management doesn’t cover the making of the
cards. There will be a specific manufacturer chosen by
the management to produce EC Cards wherein they
deliver the cards in bulk. The management will store the
excess canteen cards for further use or unexpected and
transferees will register to the system.

*The operation of the electronic canteen card system
will be interrupted whenever there is an electricity
shortage and brown out. In that case, the management
may prefer to operate the EC card system manually. If
the user didn’t bring any form of money and trap into
the state wherein the system is off due to some
circumstances, the management must provide a book
wherein purchases may be listed.

*Once the user purchase a food and he/she is not
inform with his/her balances, the amount of food will be
deducted automatically once the system is already
available. Furthermore, the user will be send to the
Office of the Student’s Affairs, OSA if he/she didn’t pay
the amount within 5 days. OSA will give specific
punishment to the user in order to guide him/her with
regards to his/her behaviour and actions.

*The balances of the user who has indebtedness in the
management will be posted in the bulletin just to
inform them in case they didn’t know. The use of ID will
be needed when purchasing food during brown out.
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or battery/flywheel
backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides
emergency power to a load when the input power
source, typically mains power, fails.

*A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power
system or standby generator in that it will provide near-
instantaneous protection from input power interruptions,
by supplying energy stored in batteries or a flywheel. The
on-battery runtime of most uninterruptible power sources
is relatively short (only a few minutes) but sufficient to
start a standby power source or properly shut down the
protected equipment. It is typically used to protect
hardware such as computers, data centers,
telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment
where an unexpected power disruption could cause
injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss.
UPS units range in size from units designed to protect a
single computer without a video monitor (around 200 VA
rating) to large units powering entire data centers or
buildings. The world's largest UPS, the 46-megawatt,
 The observations and information being gathered by the
researchers, especially those from the survey conducted,
suggest for a new automated billing system in the canteen.
The research findings revealed the necessary to improve the
present system, thus, fundamental reforms must be
implemented in order to attain a smooth operation in the
financial transactions with the students. The researchers
recommend the following:
 An automated system with an appropriate program on high
tech billing system must be installed. The canteen
management must also have its own supplies and equipment
that are sufficient for the Loading Station of EC Card.
 The users will be guided regarding the use of the system
once the EC Card is implemented. There must be brochures
given to the users for them to understand more about the
use and the policies given by the management.
 The canteen’s cashier shall be divided into two wherein one
is for the subscribed electronic card users and the other one
is for the regular customers who didn’t avail the card. The
Loading Area is separated to the Purchase area.


 The canteen area must be organized to ensure that records on the
electronic canteen card machine are properly kept and maintained.
It is necessary that the system is safe and secured in order to
prevent problems in the confidential records of the user’s accounts.
 The canteen management must be the one responsible for
everything. The school will provide permissions to the management
to provide policies and guidelines regarding the payment and
loading of accounts to avoid conflicts and arguments. The
management shall ensure that students are knowledgeable of the
policies so as to ensure compliance.
 The canteen must also be opened during class hours where
transactions might possibly occur (e.g. 8:00 am to 6:00 pm). The
management needs to hire personnel to assume the other
responsibilities of the accounting officer.
 The management must be consisting of at least 5 employees for the
system to operate the EC Loading Area, cashier wherein the
payments are held and the IT expert for the database and the
editing of the changes in price and the information of the users. The
working time of the employees are shifted into number of days.
 Once the employee is absent, the canteen management may assign
one personnel that knows how to operate the system. With the new
system, the efficiency in question of the management and its
personnel will be resolved.

The adoption of the study in new billing
system for canteen will help the school’s
collection process to be accurate, secured,
and fully developed to meet the needs of
the school and the students. This will also
help the canteen management to cater
better service. The study of the
automated billing system is open to be
used as reference material for interested
parties who are undertaking similar
studies. The proponent is also open for
improvements on its proposal to take into
future changes in technology. The study of
the automated billing system for the
canteen is now ready for implementation.