Absolut Vodka Semiotic Analysis

A look from their first ad campaign to one of their latest ad campaigns

Absolut 1980 ad campaign

1980s ad campaign
Signifiers Clear bottle Blue Font (Absolut Vodka) White Background

1980s signifieds for ad campaign
Strength Certainty Simple Innocent Calm Virgin

Current Absolut Ad Campaign

Podium with microphones Two suited men Long nose on the speaker Washington setting for background Clear Bottle Blue Font (Absolut Vodka)

Signifieds for Ad campaign
Inspirational Strength Integrity Satire One truth (Absolut Vodka)

1980s ad attributes
Close camera shot of the Absolut bottle. Use of bright lighting on the bottle to convey one choice for the potential buyer. White and empty background to display dominance.

Current Absolut campaign
Washington background to display serious tone. Large podium with microphone to display a world presence Close shot of political leader with long nose to display untruthfulness of politicians Large text in Ad saying “In An Absolut World” Small picture of Absolut Bottle.

Ideological Functions in 1980s campaign
Simple ad to convey message to audiences that the Absolut brand is a simple choice for Vodka drinkers. Also, it expresses the idea that Absolut Vodka is the only clear choice for the consumer.

Ideological Functions of current campaign
Despite the political climate and leaders that Absolut Vodka remains the same is the message to the audience. Leaders can’t be trusted but the Absolut brand is well trusted brand.

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