Employee Counseling

What is Counseling?
 Counseling is discussion with
an employee of a problem that
usually has emotional content in
order to help the employee cope
with it better. Counseling seeks
to improve employee mental
 A good mental health means that
people feel comfortable about
themselves, feel right about
other people, and able to meet
the demands of life.
 Counseling is an exchange of ideas &
feelings between two people, a counselor & a
counselee, so it is an act of communication.
 Since it helps employee cope with problems,
it should improve organizational performance.
 It may be performed by both professional &
Need for counseling
 The need for
counseling arises from
variety of employee
problems, including
The Manager’s Counseling
 Excluding reorientation, the counseling
functions usually can be performed
successfully by managers.
 Managers must not conclude that all their
counseling responsibilities have been
transferred to the counseling department.
 A manager should not spend all day looking
for emotional content when a rational answer
will solve the problem.
Types of Counseling
 Directive Counseling
 advice giving function
 Nondirective Counseling
 skillful listening is required
 feelings need to be accepted
 Participative Counseling
 cooperative exchange of ideas by counselor &
counselee to solve a counselee’s problem

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