Trading dreams or trading fear?
Yves Brechet
« There is plenty of room in the bottom »
« Moore’s law for integration»
From nanomaterials …
… to Nanodevices
Scientific issues at the nanomaterials level
• Stability: an impressive density of surfaces
=> Huge capillary forces
=> specific properties ( electric, magnetic, optic…)

• Durability (fatigue, corrosion…)

• Interaction with living bodies
=> potential toxicity
=> parallel with other particles ( Asbestos, Silicose,
Trading dreams…
• Going down in scale with no limit to integration?
• dreaming aloud…

Trading Fears…
• On nanoparticles…

• On nano devices: Clinatec
A strategy for technophobes…

• Biais the « risk/opportunity » balance toward risk

• Claim the existence of a « plot » between scientists, militars,

• Analyse « networks of complicity »: who has been connected
to who?
For the sake of health (1)…
S.Ramanujan, Singapore
For the sake of health (2)…
Alim Louis Benhabib
On Scientific bubbles…
• Overselling, buzz words, fund chasing…
• Standard of « speculative bubble »
– Announce a very important field
– Very substancial funding
– Rush of famelic reasearchers
– Self realizing prophecy ( we were right to set this
– Collapse
– Start all over again with another bubble

About Scientists and society
• The scientist has an equal right to trust than any
other citizen. The permanent accusations againts
experts is not admissible in a democraty
• The scientist has a duty of resisting the « temptation
of overselling ».
• The analysis of any technological innovation should
be , as it has been the case since the 18th century, a
balanced analysis between risk and advantage