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 Bermuda triangle is also known as devils
 Is a region in north western part of Atlantic
 Mysterious disapaearance of many aircraft
and surface vessels.

 The triangle covers the Florida, the
Bahamas and the Carribean island.
 The vertices of the triangle points
towards the Miami,San jaun,Puerto
 Flight-19
 Douglas-DC13
 SS marine sulphur Queen
 Ellen Austin
 USS Cyclops
 KC-135 Stratotankers

 Magnetic variations.
 Bimini roads.
 Methane Hydrates.
 Hurricanes.
 The Hutchison Effect.
 Time hole.

 Magnetic variation-it is one of the popular
reason behind many incident of unexplained lost
of ships & aircrafts.
 Magnetic declination –Angular gap between true
north & magnetic north.
 Magnetic north is not coincide with true
geographic north(north pole).it is found at prince
wales island of Canada
 In order to reach a particular place navigator
should aware of compass variation.
 Main problem-true north & magnetic north
coincide at this place

Bimini road.
 Bimini Road/ Bimini wall.
 Underwater rock formation.
 This rock is believed to be the remains of the
 0.8 km long, 3-4m wide.
 Flat-lying, tabular, rectangular, sub-rectangular,
polygonal, and irregular.
 This resemble the rocks the atlanteans used for
building temple.
 Radiocarbon dating by Department of Geology,
University of Miami (1977)
 Shell rock dated older than cement holding

 “Lost Continent” or “Sunken Continent” by
 According to Plato:-
 The Atlanteans could provide most of its
 Mined bronze, copper, alloy, gold, silver,
could make brass.
 Built numerous temple, bridges, tower,
walls, canals and irrigation.
 Used red, black white stones.
 Possess superior status, wisdom and

According to him:
 Atlantic situated near Bimini Island
 They posses remarkable technology.
 Most notable was the “The Fire Crystal”
 Fire crystal went out of control and led to the
sinking of the Atlantis.
 Fire crystal still active beneath the ocean
 Damage fire crystal sends out energy that
interfere with the passing ships and plane
 Cayche proposed that elements of Atlantis
would rise in 1968 and 1969
 J. Manson Valentine discovered bimini road in
 It is extended towards Europe, the North
Atlantic drift.
 It is warm and swift Atlantic Ocean current.
 It splits into two ,with the northern stream
crossing to northern Europe and the
southern stream re-circulating off West
 The warm water often increase the intensity
of cyclones.

Dark Blue –cold
Red- (Hot) –The gulf
Source -nasa
 Tropical cyclones are area of large low
 Powerful storms , which forms in tropical
 Caused of lost of thousand of lives
 Releases very large amount of energy
 Some undefined kind of force
 Due to interaction of electromagnetic fields
and different wavelength of instruments like
Van De Graff generator ,RF generator etc.
 Unusual effects like laviation of objects like:
wood, plastic ,fire around building out of non
flammable materials, metal wrapped and bent
even broke, water spontaneously swirled,
 electronic cloud
 ” I have personally experienced the grayish-
type mist when I was doing my high voltage
research; and this mist would appear and
disappear. To look at it, it looks like metallic.
I couldn’t see through it. So it exists . . .it
exists” – John Hutchison
1.Time travel (teleportation in time)
2. 3 conditions for time travel
1. Isolation from present environment
2. Sending of human outside of finite
3.Forbid teleportation in space in order to
allow teleportation in time
 Solid crystal of methane
 Waves in ocean due to methane hydrates
 Froth of methane reduces density of water
 Lack of necessary buoyancy force for a
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