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Liver cancer or Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one
of the commonest cancers in the world which have a
high incidence of Hepatitis B infection. Apart from
Hepatitis B, it may be caused by other diseases that
lead to cirrhosis of the liver such as Hepatitis C
infection, and alcohol abuse.
Liver Cancer
Unfortunately, like many other cancers, liver cancer may
go undetected until a late stage. It is often brought to
attention by an ultrasound or CT scan done for pain in
the upper abdomen or another unrelated symptom.
Liver cancers are malignant tumors that grow on the surface or inside the liver. Typers of liver
cancer are Hepatocellular Carcinoma , Cholangiocarcinoma , Hepatoblastoma and
Angiosarcoma or Hemangiosarcoma
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The Liver Cancer Symptoms are often indistinct Following are some
indications of Liver cancer. The major symptoms are : -
Abdominal pain or tenderness, especially in
the upper-right part
Weight loss and poor appetite
Fever, Fatigue and Nausea
Easy bruising or bleeding
Enlarged abdomen
Yellow skin or eyes (jaundice)
Ascites - an accumulation of fluid around
the liver and intestine
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Diagnosis of Liver Cancer
Physical examination : Physical examination may
show an enlarged, tender liver. Also, your skin and
eyes may be checked for signs of jaundice.
Blood tests : Physical examination may show an
enlarged, tender liver. Also, your skin and eyes may
be checked for signs of jaundice.
Imaging Studies like Abdominal CT scan and
Abdominal Ultrasound test
Liver biopsy or Aspiration. Liver enzymes (liver
function tests)
PET Scan Bone Scan- to check if the cancer has
spread to the bones.
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Liver Cancer Treatment Options Available at Best Cancer
Hospitals in India
The Various treatment options available are as follows:
Surgery : Surgery is the removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue during an operation.
A surgical oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer using surgery.
Hepatectomy : When a portion of the liver is removed, the surgery is called a Hepatectomy.
A Hepatectomy can be done only if the cancer is in one part of the liver, and the liver is
working well.
Liver Transplantation :Liver transplant may be the best option for some people with small
liver cancers.
Radiation Therapy :Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy x-rays or other particles to
kill cancer cells.
Targeted Therapy :Targeted therapy is a treatment that targets the cancer’s specific genes,
proteins, or the tissue environment that contributes to cancer growth and survival.

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