How did you use new media

technologies in the construction and
research, planning and evaluation
Joe Oliver
• To film our product we used Canon 600d
cameras; in order to have a range of camera
shots and angles we used the crane, tripod,
steadicam and dolly. This camera enabled us to
film in a digital format so that we could make
sudden judgements on the shots we had taken in
order to see if they needed to be reshot or if they
were suitable for use in our video. For our
ancillary products, the magazine advert and
digipack, we used a tripod and the canon in order
to take shots of our band members.
• We used iPhoto to import the movies/photos
onto the macs using the SD card from the camera
and SD reader. From here, the respective files
were either imported into final cut or adobe
photoshop in order to be edited.
• Certain shots for our video needed visual effects
applied to them and we used Adobe After Effects
in order to implement them-youtube tutorials
were helpful in gaining a general idea of how
each of our desired effects was achieved.
• Photo of youtube tutorial
• For our music video, we needed a copy of the
song in order to be able to sync the visual
element to the audio element of our product;
we used iTunes to import the song from a USB
drive and then from iTunes into Final Cut,
similar to our visual shots.
• Livetype was used in order to insert credits,
both opening and end credits to our video.
• Shot of opening credit
• For our ancillaries we used the internet to find
the desired fonts. DaFont contained the vast
majority of these, including ‘star avenue’,
which was used throughout our products. The
facebook, twitter and apple logos we also
found using dafont, but the iTunes font was
downloaded from an alternative website.
• In order to complete my research, the internet was
used frequently to assess the conventions of my
chosen genre; YouTube was used to watch music
videos-this helped me to complete my textual analyses
of music videos as well as key changes research.
• For my digipack analyses, I used my Samsung digital
camera at home to take photos of the different
sections of the digipack and import them into
Microsoft PowerPoint. I also used Google to assess
whether the digipacks I had chosen were a) part of my
genre, b) contemporary examples and c) for my key
• Youtube screenshot
• For my magazine advert key changes, I used to find examples throughout
the decades, as they can be quite difficult to find. For
the magazine advert analyses, I used a copy of Mojo,
which of the music magazines is most faithful to our
genre re adverts e.g. Kings of Leon.
• For my certification analysis, I used the ofcom, bbfc
and ASA websites to see what the certification of our
video would be as it would determine whether we can
reach our target audience effectively. This allowed us
to tell what we could and couldn’t include in our video.
This piece of research was conducted on Microsoft

• We used Microsoft Word in order to complete
our questionnaires, used the scanner to scan a
filled out copy onto a computer so we can upload
to our blogs. From these questionnaires we used
Microsoft Excel to complete our graph analysis.
• For our pitch, we used a video camera, tripod,
and Powerpoint to present our idea and gain
feedback so we could make appropriate changes.
From this we used iMovie, final cut and livetype
to import, edit, apply titles to and export said
• To conduct our planning we used Microsoft Word
throughout e.g. to complete Risk Assessment and
Treatment. To complete our script, I used CeltX
on the Audio-Visual format. To complete our
Recces, we used a camera to take photos of
potential locations to shoot.
• Like certain parts of our research we used the
scanner to obtain electronic copies of filled out
documents to upload to the blog.
• I have used various formats to complete my evaluation.
For questions 1 and 3, I used Word; this format makes
it easier for me to read as a script to record into
cuebase. For questions 2 and 4 I’ve used Powerpoint as
2 requires annotations of our products and I feel this is
easier to conduct over this program, and 4 will be
presented hence I have used a program that is used to
make presentations.
• Additionally, I’ve also used the internet to find
examples to use in my work and compare our products
to; this comparison to judge whether our products
have developed, used or challenged conventions of the
• The internet has also been used to find
appropriate examples to match with my audio
file-these the examples on my script.
• Additionally, I have used Final Cut to edit my
audio file from CueBase and match the
examples to my script as well as making the
voiceover as fluid as possible.