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UMUC Europe/Asia

Kathleen Arroyo
What We Need
16 highly skilled, degreed, and experienced professionals
who will fit the organizational environment
Describe our approach to employee selection
Weighted application blank
Job compatibility questionnaire
Performance tests
Face-to-face interviews
Weighted Application Blank
Predictive of turnover (Bernadin & Russell, 2013)
Asks questions like How long do you plan on working
for our company?
Measuresthe extent of an applicants desire to work for
the organization (Bernardin & Russell, 2013)
Good predictor of employee turnover and willingness to
work for the company
Only works well with entry level positions, not managerial
Very reliable predictor of intention to stay with company
or quit
Validity is good because people tend to be honest about
what they want
Job Compatibility Questionnaire
Asks questions to determine whether the applicant is a
good fit by figuring out their preference for work
(Bernardin & Russell, 2013)
Compatibility or preference for certain job characteristics
will predict job tenure and performance (Bernardin &
Russell, 2013)

Applicants are forced to choose what answer fits them
best because they cant tell how the questions relate to job
Might be hard to weight answers
Reliable because its hard for the applicant to figure out the
right answer
Not valid for managerial jobs but valid for other types of
Performance Tests
Measure KASOCs or competencies. Performance tests
involve actual doing rather than knowing how
(Bernardin & Russell, 2013)
Hands on testing will show us what the applicant can
actually do, not just what they know
We will know what applicants are capable of and how
creative they are
Can provide direct comparison of the candidates
(Bernardin & Russell, 2013)
Reliability is good if we use an assessor who is trained to
do assessments
Validity of assessment centers is strong (Bernardin &
Russell, 2013)
Face-to-Face Interviews
Conducted by one person in the HR department after all
other tasks have been completed
Each interview will ask the same questions and be
Will use job analysis to determine questions and will
make sure interviewer knows what we are looking for in
Face-to-face interviews help determine which candidates
are the best fit
Interviewer can choose based on other factors that dont
matter, we want to avoid this
Interviews, when done properly, can be quite valid
(Bernardin & Russell, 2013)
Must be careful we dont use bias in our interviews
At each level we should have a smaller amount of
applicants who meet the criteria
All these programs have been proven effective to choose
the right applicant
Use weighted scores to determine the best applicants after
each test
After face-to-face interviews we should have 16 qualified
applicants who want to work for our company long term
Argument in Support
The cost for using these tests is relatively low
Each test has a high validity when used correctly
Job analysis plays into each of these tests so we get the
best applicant
Testing identifies applicants who meet criteria and want to
work long-term at our company
Legal problems associated with these testing strategies are
Weighted application blank, job compatibility
questionnaire, performance test, and face-to-face
interviews is my combined approach
All tests have good reliability and high validity if
conducted correctly
Will give us the best applicants to choose from
Bernardin, H. & Russell, J. (2013). Human resource
management. New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill