What¶s your favorite color?


A: Hey, what¶s your favorite color? B: My favorite color is blue. How about you? A: My favorite color is yellow.












A new dictionary It is blue and big. Please, call me (781) 2358159 I lost my black and old briefcase, It has brown handle. Sophie- Room 5 Please, help me!! My red and blue backpack is missed! I have all of my notes in there! If you find it, call me I found a black wallet with money and credit card. 7772223344

New and silver cellphone. Found it in the bathroom Have you lost your silver calculator? Please contact me 8886753214 Found a black watch with green screen9834532231

I lost my red HP purse, please, I need it. It¶s almost new! Call me 456 7237754

Lost my new cellphone, it is silver. I lost it in the bathroom. Juan- Math club

FoundBeaultiful ± redHP-Purse- AnaRoom 15biology

Read your small text for your group members while the others should take note of the following:

Name: Age: Country: Nationality: Marital status: Occupation: Likes: Doesn¶t like: Curiosities:

After all members have read their small texts, they can correct their friend¶s "listening comprehension". This is a good activity to motivate students to communicate directly with each other without having the teacher as a mediator. Part-2: Following this first activity, students should describe the person on their sheets of paper using the information given. They must use the 3rd person single of the Present Simple. 2.2.1. If teacher has time, and depending on the amount of students in class, ask them to describe their "person/animal" to the plenary. Another option is to assign a small composition to be done at home!!! 2.2.2. Teacher can ask follow-up questions so that she can check whether students understood their friends¶ description...


Imagine you have lost 3 of the things you are carrying today. Write a message for the Lost & Found bulletin board. Don¶t forget to put your information.


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