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Consumer Behaviour
Lecture 21
Attitude and Behavior

Ways to Change Attitudes
Change motivational factors 01.00
Associate with a group or personality
Resolving conflicting attitudes
Altering components of multiattribute model
related to the object
Change belief about competitive brand
Routes to change elaboration likelihood model
Changing the Key Motivational
Functions 17.20
1. Knowledge Function
2. Value Expressive Function
3. Utilitarian Function
4. Ego Defensive Function

Value Expressive Function 17.55
Attitudes express individuals lifestyle and
general value systems. 19.30
Knowing the attitudes can help marketers to
anticipate the values and outlooks, and
reflect these lifestyles and characteristics in
their products.

Utilitarian Function 19.55
An attitude is created when we have used a
product and found it usefull that it had utility for
us and this will create positive attitude.
Example: A paper towel is useful in the kitchen
for drying purposes or cleaning surfaces. If a
competitor positions a paper towel with germ
killing facility, it will change the attitude of the
consumer away from the original brand to the
new brand

Ego Defensive Function 22.00
Most people would like to protect their self image from
inner doubts
Example: Beauty Care Products 23.00

Knowledge Function 23.45
Need to know is important to understand
people and things
This is a cognitive need 24.00
Changing Motivational Factors 27.20
Utilitarian Function
Show that the product has some distinctive utility
Ego Defensive Function
Provide assurance
Value Expressive Function
Relate to the value system if people value latest gadgets
promote the same
Knowledge Function
Desire to know or cognition is high. The ads may point out how a
product is superior to another.
Combining Functions
A product may be liked by different reasons:
Product works well utilitarian function
Better product for less knowledge function

Altering The Component Of Multi Attribute
Model 33.30
Changing the relative evaluation of an

Changing Brand Beliefs 35.35
More common
Better then or the best
Established in ___
To change brand believes the arguments must
be compelling and repeated 39.20
Adding An Attribute 39.40
Adding an attribute that has been ignored
or adding an improvement in technology
For example yogurt has more
potassium then banana
In refrigerator a unique water filtration
system is added 41.00
Behavior Proceed Or Follow Attitude 43.40
Cognitive Dissonance Theory 41.10
Holds conflicting thoughts or beliefs about the object
Importance of brands left behind 45.20
Post purchase dissonance is an outcome of purchase
Behavior Proceed Or Follow Attitude
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Strategies of the Consumer 45.50
1. Rationalizes
2. Seeks information
3. Tells friends
4. Seek out others 48.50
E.g. Brand Communities
Different Levels of Dissonance 51.30
High and low end
Concerned about needing the product
How to help
Attribution 52.00