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Knowledge on Electrical Device Nomenclature

IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ANSI: American National Standards Institute
IEC 617-7 (1983) Device Designation System
Distance/Under Impedance Relay
Time Delayed O/C Relay
Instantaneous O/C Relay
Earth Fault Relay
Differential Relay
Under Voltage Relay
Knowledge on Electrical Device Nomenclature
ANSI/IEEE Device Designation System

ANSI Standard Device Numbers (ANSI /IEEE Standard C37.2)
1 to 94, 96, 150 Numeric Values are Designated for Particular Devices.
95, 97, 98, 99 are reserved for specific applications where other numbers are not

Import Device Numbers

21 Distance Relay
24 Volts Per Hertz Relay
25 Synchronizing Device
27 Under-voltage Relay
30 Annunciator Relay
49 Machine or Transformer Thermal Overload Relay
50 Instantaneous Over-current Relay
51 AC Time Delyed Over-current Relay
52 AC Circuit Breaker
59 Overvoltage Relay
63 Pressure Switch
67 AC Directional Over-current Relay
79 AC Reclosing Relay
81 Frequency Relay
86 Lockout Relay
87 Differential Protective Relay
89 Off Load Disconnecting Switch
94 Tripping or Trip-Free Relay
96 Busbar Trip Lockout relay

A suffix letter or number may be used with the device number; for example-
Suffix N is used if the device is connected to a Neutral wire (example: 59N in a relay is
used for protection against Neutral Displacement)
Suffixes X, Y, Z are used for auxiliary devices
Suffix G can denote a "ground", hence a "51G" is a time over-current ground relay or earth-
fault relay.
Suffix G can also mean generator, hence an "87G" is a generator differential protective
Suffix 87T is a transformer differential protective relay.

Knowledge on Electrical Device Nomenclature
IEC61850 Logical Nodes:
IEC61850 has introduced an object oriented modeling
approach using logical nodes as core objects.
A logical node is a functional grouping of information.
Logical nodes are standardized in IEC61850 and
consist of four characters.

IEC 61850 Device Designation System
Logical Node Description-

Grouping according to their most common application area
Short textual description of the functionality
IEEE device function number if applicable (for protection and
some protection related logical nodes only)
Abbreviation/acronym used within the documents of the IEC
61850 series;
Relation between functions and logical nodes in and in the
function description
Logical Node Class