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Prakhar Singh

Challenges for the PC Industry

y A slowdown in sales and profitability y Lower Margins y High Competition y Substitute good for PC y Web based computing y Netbooks y PDAs, Smart phones

Purpose and Mission of PMO

y The purpose of PMO is to provide standardization in managing projects and to gain improvement in planning and performance of these activities. y Architectural integration

Structures in Consideration
y Heavy PMO y Light PMO

Reporting Guiding

y The benefits of PMO-heavy - Reinforcement of

responsibility for the management of all IT projects.

y The benefits of PMO-light - Low resistance because all

projects operated under existing organizational control.

Implementation Hindrances
y The PMO vision and role is not clearly defined y Not enough executive stakeholder support y Corporate culture limitation y No support from department management y Hard to prove value before the PMO can get more support