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Why is this important?

Well everything you see
on this website stems
from PDHPE learning!
PDHPE is the equivalent
of a pot of gold…
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Promotes safe and healthy lifestyles.
Through PDHPE children become educated in safe and
healthy living which they CHOOSE to take part in. These
choices can be seen on a daily basis, through their eating
habits, dental care, the way they react to bullying, road
safety, sun safety, water safety, school safety. They learn
who to turn to in times of trouble. It is Through PDHPE
that children understand the importance of being active,
learn how their body works and their bones grow. In
addition to understanding the consequences of choices.
Fundamental skills and knowledge are embedded in
children only through PDHPE, no other subject.
Healthy Habits

One of the most important aspects of a safe life is keeping
your body safe. You can do this through being healthy and
PDHPE encourages and teaches students skills such as
movement (MO,2006) and interaction (IN,2006) which allow
them to maintain an active lifestyle. Through PE lessons at
school, students are exposed to physical activity and taught
the benefits of it in PDH lessons. Additionally, Healthy eating
habits are promoted through PDHPE which is vital for the well
being of their bodies and mind. PDHPE educates children so
by the time they are about to graduate year 6 they should be
able to “Explain the consequences
of personal lifestyle choices.”( PHS3.12,2006). This allows
them to make their own healthy lifestyle choices even when
they are not In the school environment

PDHPE aims to ensure children are taught how
to be safe in all circumstances, whether it be at
the beach, crossing the road, in the water, at
home, when facing a bully or even in the
classroom . Children learn how to live safely and
learn ” how safe practices promote personal
wellbeing”(SLS2.13, 2006). Learning about these
circumstances enhance a students decision
making skills and communication skills which
PDHPE stress. These skills are life long skills
which will translate into their daily lives.

Board of Studies. (2006). Personal Development, Health
and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus. Sydney: Australia.

What else does PDHPE teach kids?
• PDHPE teaches kids about their own body, what is inside the body and how it
grows. PDHPE informs and educates children on HOW to maintain their
growing body and feed it correctly. Nutrition is a key area in a child's wellbeing
and educating them on what actually supplies them with nutrition is vital. A
simple example of this is the effects of milk on bones and the lack of Vitamin D
has on bones.
• PDHPE is a very versatile subject which can be taught through integration. For
Example, slices of cheese can be used for a mathematical lesson but PDHPE
can be easily integrated into that lesson with simple questions to the class
such as “ why would cheese be nutritious for our bones?”

• Lastly, the what sets PDHPE apart from other subjects is the fact that it
teaches and enhances children's skills, whether they be movement,
communication, values, interaction, decision making and more. PDHPE
supplies vital and REAL information about the human body that they will use
in REAL everyday life.