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Lecture 6

Introduction to Architecture and

Urban Planning CE-210

Engr. Mansoor Khan

Counter Urbanization
Group / class activity
The movement of people from the
inner parts of a city to the outer parts
It has been facilitated by the
development of transport networks
and the increase in ownership of
private cars
These have allowed people to
commute to work
Counter Urbanization
The movement of people from large
urban areas or into rural areas.
Process of migration of people from
major urban areas to smaller urban
settlements and rural areas.

Factors/ causes (counter-urbanization)
Negative reaction to city life
Escape from air pollution, dirt and crime
of the urban environment
Aspire to what is seen as pleasant, quiet
and clean environment of countryside
Land and house prices are cheaper.

Recall our discussion regarding rural pull factors
Factors/ causes (counter-urbanization)
Car ownership and greater affluence allow
people to commute
Improvement in technology allows freedom
of location
Rising demand for second homes and earlier
Agriculture in decline. Farmers sell off land

Positive and negative impacts (Urban)
To urban areas, counter urbanization also make
both positive and negative impacts on them.
After some population migrate to rural areas,
current situation in cities will become better,
pressures of cities can be relieved. But on the
other hand, when many people move out from
cities, urban areas may be lack of labor force and
development will be slower.
At the same time, negative impact will happen
on economy in urban areas
Positive and negative impacts (Rural)
For rural areas, counter urbanization make them
develop faster and bring them more chances and
farmers can make large amounts of money by
selling lands to developers from cities.
But counter urbanization will also make some
negative impacts on rural areas.
Such as environment in rural areas may be damaged
because of the development, and there may be
some conflict between old and new residents or
modern and traditional culture
Planning Techniques (Urban Planning)
Counter Urbanization Group task

Is there any ways to
help people
improve their lives
without changing
living place?
6 groups 6 tasks (20 minutes)

1. What kind of life do people more prefer?
2. Is there any methods to balance the development of
cities and the qualities of human lives in cities?
3. Develop a relation between counter urbanization and
controlling urban sprawl?
4. What are the effects of counter urbanization to urban
and rural areas?
5. What are counter urbanization and its causes?
6. Link satellite town and garden city concept to counter
Zoning is a device of land use planning used by
local governments in most developed
Zoning may be use-based (regulating the uses
to which land may be put, also called
functional zoning
or it may regulate building height
Lot coverage (density) etc
The rapid uncontrolled expansion of
metropolitan areas

Stress on Infrastructure facilities
A 5-10 minutes presentation Topics-
Next Week
Urban Sprawl
Master plan
Urbanization & counter
Urban renewal of Peshawar city