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In researching the thriller genre I used a two-
pronged approach. Firstly I looked at the
formal study of thriller conventions and then
applied this to my reading of media texts such
as the opening sequences, trailers and full
films in this genre on Youtube, Itunes or
through Netflix. We referred to Shutter Island,
The Game and also the Bond franchise, which
is an action adventure thriller franchise at its
most commercial. Indeed our opening
sequence is in part inspired by the chase
sequence opening of Quantum of Solace (dir.
Marc Forster 2008). We also referenced The
Bourne Ultimatum (dir. Paul Greengrass
2007) in the iconic chase on foot. In our film
it is the youthful and innocent Laurence who
is pursued by a bent cop.
I discovered the following narrative conventions

o A narrative device that teases the
audience with a puzzle or mystery to be
o The hero overcomes obstacles and
diversions to solve the riddle
o The hero is often a lone wolf character.
Moral but enigmatic.
o Violent crime and murder are often key
o The villain is often a shadow of the hero
sharing many similar features.
We decided to conform to the thriller convention and went for showing the mystery from the start we felt
this would appeal to audiences and hook them into wanting to see more to see how the film would resolve
itself. We do not use a classic Todorovian plot however as our film opens at the second stage of disruption
the problem has occurred the equilibrium is in the back story so we played around with Todorovs narrative
theory to increase the sense of mystery. But we did not try to subvert the convention any further as I do not
fell we are experienced enough to do so convincingly.

Because there is no dialogue the sound track is very important. It sets the tone and creates mood and
informs us from the first moment what sort of film we are about to see. We use diegetic urban sound
which instantly tells us this is a normal day in the city although we do not yet know why the young man
is running and then theough this we hear the minor key of a tune reminiscent of Darren Aronofskys
Requiem for a Dream theme which tells us all is not as it might appear to be and creates tension. This is a
conventional interpretation of the genre where we are introduced to the mystery from the outset in a
realistic almost documentary like way as the theme music fades in bringing us into the film.
The Location is urban and suggests a maze like city of alleys and shortcuts creating an oppressive
atmosphere as if the city itself is a labyrinth with a dark secret at its heart which adds to the sense of

The film title Legal Deception was the second title I chose in preference to our working title Blind Vision
which I felt sounded too much like Eyes Wide Shut and didnt convey the theme of the film accurately. Legal
Deception sums up the film it suggests both corruption in the police force and legal system and also the
commission of a crime which we can do nothing about.

On a generic level this film asks us questions about how we perceive reality. In a city such as
London it is not unusual to see an older guy chasing a younger guy. We barely stop to think
assuming that the younger guy is a shoplifter or thief and is being pursued as such. This
conforms to stereotypes people have about young male adults. It would rarely occur to us to
consider that the younger man might be in an altogether different kind of trouble and might be
running for his life. In this sense we have subverted the stereotype but we must watch the film
further for this twist to be revealed. Our choice of location, casting and clothing also reinforce
this idea. There is nothing special about what they are wearing to identify them further than
their age group. This could be your street on which this happens look more carefully is the
message all may not be as it looks
I am satisfied that within the limitations of our film making experience and budget we created a
product that instantly hooks the audience as it engages our curiosity why is the younger man
being chased. We want to know why and this hooks us into the rest of the film.

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