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Artificial Intelligence

People have thinking about artificial intelligence for the longest of time,
whether that be through books or in television/movies.
First computer was created in 1943 and was called the Colossus, this was
used by the Allies to break and read encrypted German messages during
Created by Tommy Flowers

History Cont.
First PC was created on April 7, 1953 by IBM.
The computer was called the 701 and became mass produced.
8088 processor, 16kb of memory, and was able to expand to 256kb when it
used MS-DOS.
First laptop in 1975, also IBM
First computer clone Compaq computer after an IBM design in 1983
Total pop. of world is aprox. 7,017,846,922 of these 2,405,518,376 use the
internetthis equates to 34.7% uses some form of Internet device.