Business Plan-Dave Wireless

CommunIQ’s “Little Starts Can Lead To big Wins”

“Movements start with a small group of deeply passionate and deeply dedicated people who believe”

Company Profile
“Everyone Lives by selling something”

Company Profile
CommunIQ's Inc is a telecommunication start up company with 10 years of experience in India -The Mass Telecom Market We lead the way to Postpaid and Prepaid sales and services for leading telecom companies like Airtel, Reliance and Tata Docomo

Company Profile
The Sales Volume monitored was a monthly average of 1000 prepaid connections and 350 postpaid in mass markets with population of 10 Million (Like Toronto)

Management Structure
“Great Listeners are great sales people”

Management Structure
Jointly Owned by Jeet and Vin Patel Vin has a 10 years telecommunication sales and distribution and business development experience with leading world telecom industries Like Bharti, Reliance, Tata, Fido, Rogers, Bell

Management Structure
Jeet is a Marketing expert having 15 years business development experience in multiple multinational industrial and service sector. A visionary in Customer Service indeed

“It’s a competitive world out there.New,innovative products are harder to sell than old stand-bys”

Planning to open at : Mississauga(South Asian Dominant Market) Brampton(South Asian/Chinese Dominant Market) Etobicoke(South Asian/Chinese Dominant Market)

Target Market
New Immigrants Students People with low or no credit Who wants more for less Who wants “NoContract!!” People without a mobile (32%)

Other Business Interests
VOIP based solutions International calling cards After Market Accessories Web Application Development

Company Background
“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm”

Company Background
Proven leader in training major distribution setups in India for mass telecommunication products like postpaid, prepaid, cable, internet and corporate sales Innovation starts when a powerful combination of sales and marketing combines : That’s CommunIQ's

Goals and Milestones
CommunIQ's has sow seeds of telecommunication launches in the rural segment of India by launching 825 Sub Urban areas by introducing distinctive technique like Pre launch phase, Van Marketing and People activities in Tents CommunIQ's has done major social media network websites in India, U S A and Singapore Future Expansion: VOIP,Telecommunication

Why Dave??
“WINNERS are always in the business of creating the maximum # of winners-among adversaries at least as much as among partners”

Why Dave?
The goal of CommunIQ's and Dave is common: To have affordable wireless device in the hands of each Canadian and Canadian immigrant. Our Philosophy is to provide One stop telecommunication solution to customers: From getting hooked up to paying bills and Post sales service, which exactly matches with Dave.

New Business Structure
“Phones beat email”

Initial Investment
Fixed cost for one location would be 35K. Monthly expense will be approx. 16-17K. Stocks on weekly receipts can be around 10K and working cost will be around 10K Fund can be raised by Business line of credit, Bank loan, Personal line of credit and if need be it can also supported by personal savings

Bhavin patel – 50% Indrajeet Patel - 50% We are young, mature and energetic duo. We have almost Ten plus years of management level experience in sales, marketing and business development in Telecommunication in particular the Cellular phone and other product and service industries

We also have combination of excellent education background like Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, Bachelor of Commerce Degree (B.Com.) in Accounting and Auditing, Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology, etc.

Store Management
Initially to make the store up and running we would individually act as store managers on each location Subsequently we would hire telecommunication experienced personnel as store manager

Strength and Competencies
The combination of our education, related experience, telecommunication knowledge, awareness of fast pace telecom development, sales, marketing and business development skills, business acumen and recognition in various communities, NGO, groups makes us perfect match and gives us confidence that we are capable of operating multiple retail locations.

Wireless Retail Experience
We have 10+ years of experience at direct selling, customer service and store management level in mass telecommunication Asian and North American market with leading wireless service providers like Bharti Airtel, Tata Docomo, Vodafone Reliance Telecommunication, Rogers Wireless, Fido and Bell Mobility

Marketing Plan
“If you wish to convince people to do what you want, you had better start by appreciating what they want, and that means understanding how they think.”

Driving traffic to stores
Dave would advertise our stores as their authorized and exclusive dealers.The mass advertisement by Dave during launch would drive traffic

We would also periodically put advertisements in local newspapers like GTA Lonnie Saver, Gujarat Samachar, South Asian Generation Next, Swadesh, Can- India News, South Asian Mid week, Punjabi, Asian Connections, Urdu Times, Hindi Times, Saptahik Hindi, Times of India, India Journal, IndoCanadian Samay, Hindi Abroad, South Asian Focus, GTA Times, South Asian Observer, Divya Bhaskar, and many more...

Special Marketing Initiatives
Door-to-Door flyers distribution Internet and Direct e-mails Special discount coupon of local restaurants and stores on purchases and activations Occasional Canopy promotion around busy traffic area and shopping mall by taking special permission

Special Marketing Initiatives
Special promotion during ethnic festivals Extended store hours during weekends and festivals Bench/Subway/Bus Ads Billboards Telephone books and directories

Special Groups Involvement
We are also part of our community and NGO, where we play active role in various events and programs and also deliver speeches to the gathering of thousands of people. We are also attached to Gitanjali Group - Famous in Toronto for its Garba – the Gujarati folk dance and orchestra, Hindu Youth Conference and University tie ups with Toronto College of Technology

Special Groups Involvement
We are recognized in all these communities and organizations, where it gives us an opportunity to introduce and promote our product lines during various events, functions, festivals and gatherings

Costing of marketing plan
We have made planning to spend around $5000 annually to penetrate the ethnic and untapped market We would require company's contribution and support during major and mega events

Advertisement Frequency
Weekly Flyers- Esp. on weekends Special events as per ethnic calendars Back to school, Christmas and Canadian festival promotions 2 Monthly Advertisements in bi-weekly ethnic newspaper

Repeat Customers
To generate referral business by providing excellent customer services To give referral/referee bonus coupon during each closure To ask regular feedback about services from customers

Edge Over Competition
Customer service..Customer service..PERIOD!! We are targeting competitors Missing Market Segment like Ethnic groups, Students, Immigrants, Non mobile users, etc. Creating comparison charts as against competition and highlighting our strong points and explaining to the customer.

Edge Over Competition
Proper closure of sale : Describing each part of services and charges very crystal clear to customer Periodic and prior to competition advertisements Keeping track of competitors’ products and services by visiting stores, websites, their trade shows, talking to their customers, suppliers, employees and by researching their press releases

Edge Over Competition
Service that customer’s want that the competition is not supplying like : Collection of bills on personal front with cash, credit and debit with more customer service approach, which is missing currently on all major operators

Business Management
“You are THE BRAND the client buys”

Business Management
We individually will manage each location as store managers with focused approach to set up the business We would keep sufficient and variety of stocks so that customer is given a wide range of choices including Accessories, Calling cards, etc We would provide in-house tech support

Sales Staffing-Hiring
Remembering that recruiting and hiring is an important part of our relationship with the public. We will keep your corporate image in mind in the way you advertise for positions, and remember that all potential recruits might also be customers. In other words, promoting our company More than 5 years of experience in Retail Telecom would be our expectation for the sales rep. Multi-Lingual immigrants would be the target

Sales Staffing-Training
We would impart the same training and the materials, which we will be getting from Dave We would use our Unique telecom experience to train our staff right from induction We will keep our staff current about the market and present scenarios by e-mail and arranging parties and get-together

Sales Staffing-Retention
Would provide competitive salary and target based incentive structure Open and interactive policies to give the employee maximum satisfaction at work Staff will be provided with encouraging and stress free environment, this in turn will increase productivity If a good employee quits, wait six months and interview him/her. Ask why he/she left and what it would take to get him/her back Weekly rewarding sales competition for reps

Retail Management
“Know more than the next guy”

Retail Sales Philosophy
Our philosophy in retail would be “Greet the customer with smile, listen and understand their need and then offer the unique solution to the customer Sufficient stocking at each store with range of products and accessories Create a need for the product and accessories while dealing with customers Cross sell the products and add value to each sale with additional top ups

Retail Sales-Merchandising
Point of purchase displays would be up to date Live product demonstration in the store Regional Language brochures Providing referral coupons T V display highlighting products, services and latest commercial promoting Dave

We appreciate for your time and Thank you very much