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e- Governance to Rural India

? Is e- Governance
e-Governance is a diffused neology used
to refers to the use of information and
communication technology to provide and
improve government services,
transactions and interactions with
citizens, businesses and other arms of
Focus area of rural e- governance
• Livelihoods
• Rural Employment
• Women empowerment
• Rural water supply and sanitation
• Health
• Natural resources management
• Education
• Disaster management
• E-governance under rural local bodies

"Land records form the base for all land

reforms and therefore regular online
updating of land records is essential,
BHOOMI has done it."
• Online delivery and management of land records in

• BHOOMI has computerized 20 million records of land

ownership of 6.7 million farmers in the state.

• Farmers can now access the database and are

empowered to follow up
• Printed copy of the RTC can be obtained online
by providing the name of the owner or plot
number at computerized land record kiosks in
177 taluka offices, for a fee of Rs.15

• This is Private Public Participation (PPP) model

e-seva (= eService)

….the earliest & the largest

Integrated Services Project in India
• One-stop-shop for citizen/ business services
– Open 8 am to 8 pm
– Open 8 am to 3 pm on Holidays
• Over 150 services
– Any service at any centre, any counter
– G2C, G2B, B2C services
• Efficient Service
– 3 to 5 minutes per transaction on non-peak days
– 20 to 30 min on peak days in some centres
• Good ambience for citizens
– No more standing in line
• Electronic Queue Management system
Before e-Seva …
After e-Seva …

• Bridging the digital divide in Kerala

• A project for e-literacy and mass-
employment generation.
• Initiated in the district of Malappuram
on the 25th of November, 2002 with a
planning workshop.
Broad Objective
• To dilute the gap existing between the laymen in the
society and the applications of Information Technology,
the most important tool for development

Specific Objectives
• Make all families (9 lac) in Malappuram district e-literate
• Develop infrastructure to provide sustained e-literacy and
facilities like e-mail and internet telephony to the layman.
• Create mass employment through the setting up of
Multipurpose Computer Technology Centres (M-CTCs)
• Make available need-based training and service at lower
rates to the trainees
Operational Activities
• Hundred percent e-literacy
• Awareness campaign
• Sustained e-literacy
• Need-based training at concession rates
• Mass employment generation
• Assistance to the Akshaya centre
Facilities at the Akshaya Centres
• Continued e-learning program
• Data entry under E-governance program
• DTP and Job work
• Other computer training for public
• Design of invitation cards, visiting cards,
banners,Posters, paper bags etc and Screen Printing
• Data Bank Services
• Telemedicine applications
Aim to achieve

• Transparency
• Public accountability
• Responsiveness
• Speed decision making
• Openness

To create foundation for citizen centric

e- governance , at district head quarters
& subsequently at taluka headquarter
• Single window clearance of 83 important
certificates (includes renewal of leases,
permits & licenses)
• Quick redressel of public grivances
• Common registry of letters,petitions for all
sections of the office
• On line pendency monitoring of all above
• To provide services after office hours & on
holidays also in order to save Time,Money &
Energy of the public.
The Government of Himachal Pradesh initiative
for general public, especially living in distant
rural areas of the State, with the benefits of
“Using Information Technology (IT) in
Governance (Egovernment)” at their doorstep.
The Web-enabled Government-Citizen
Interface, named as LOKMITRA, is one such
step of the State Government in that direction.
Services offered

• Classified Complaints
• Market Rates
• Questions/General
Grievances • Sale/Purchase
• Downloadable Forms • Matrimonial Services
• Vacancies • Notice Board
• Tenders • Hamirpur News
• Promotional Schemes • Children Corner
• Contacts • Village Email
i-shakti (women Empowerment)
• Local NGOs, Govt. of AP, Hindustan Lever Ltd. (HLL), Azim
Premji Foundation, Tata Adult Literacy, CARE India, Dabur
Ayurved, ICICI Bank, Times of India, Mahindra and Mahindra
and Yonearth Interactive -2004
• An IT-based rural information service network
• i-Shakti kiosks offer information through a voice based
interactive system, in the form of audio-visuals Information and
services to meet rural needs in medical health and hygiene,
agriculture, animal husbandry, education, vocational training and
employment and women's empowerment
• Nalgonda, Vizag, West and East Godavari
Districts of AP
• Financial Information Network & Operations
Ltd. (FINO) founded on 13th July, 2006
• FINO is a Multibank promoted, professional,
financially strong with a Board comprising of
Customer Banks and MFI
• FINO has its Own network of agents
(Business Correspondents) at ground level
• Works with several partners to reach the
remotest parts of the country
Gyandoot is an intranet in Dhar district (M.P.)
connecting rural cybercafes catering to the
everyday needs of the masses. Web site of
GYANDOOT is an extension of Gyandoot
intranet, for giving global access.
1.Commodity/ Mandi Marketing 9. Below Poverty Line Family List
Information System 10. Employment news
2. Income Certificate 11. Rural matrimonial (Vivah Sambandh)
3. Domicile Certificate 12. Rural Market (Gaon ka Bazaar)
13. Rural News Paper (Gram Samachar)
(mool niwasi )
14. Advisory module (Salahkar)
4. Caste Certificate 15. E-education
5. Landholder's passbook of land 16. General Provident Fund
rights and loans 17. Khasra Nakal Avedan
(Bhoo adhikar evam rin pustika)
6. Rural Hindi e-mail
7. Public Grierana Redressal
(Shikayat Nivaran)
8. Forms of Various Government
Gyan ganga
• Initiatives of the GoG (Government of Gujarat) to ensure
wireless Internet connectivity to all 18,000 villages in
• Rural citizens access a host of on line services such as e-
mail, Internet browsing, land records, rural job
opportunities, status of various Government projects etc.,
and even consult specialists through video conferencing
for their agricultural, veterinary, and health care queries.

Benefits of Gyan Ganga

• As access to top class • Remote Eye Care

services in a single click
• e-Agriculture
• Market prices
• Crop disease
• Solutions with an Agri-
• Post treatment
• • Veterinary on the Internet
Veterinary services
• E-Government services • On line doctor
• Distance health care • Remote cardiac care
• Distance learning
• TKS are one-stop resource centres

• Offer cultivators a wide range of services

and solutions

• from the stage of sowing of seeds to post-

harvest management and marketing of
agricultural produce
Details of TKS services
• Agro input supplies
• Farm equipment leasing
• Agronomy services
• Bulk blending
• Training and information
• Other services
• Additional services at franchisee TKSs
IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Coop Ltd

 Daily 5 free value added voice messages on:

 Mandi price
 Farming techniques
 Weather forecast
 Dairy farming
 Animal husbandry
 Rural health initiatives
Transforming Lives….
The Value Chain
… Farm to Factory Gate
Serving 3 purposes

• Provide information to farmers on crops/

weather/ Prices
• Sell a variety of products to them
• Buy various firm produce from them for
ITC’S use