• Ekta Kapoor born on June 7, 1975 is the Creative Head of Balaji
• She is aptly called the reigning queen of Indian television
• The serials produced by her company Balaji Telefilms are a
smashing hit with the masses and dominate all the major T.V.
channels in India.
• Ekta`s serials have not only captured the imagination of the
masses but also their soul.
• Her shows have broken all previous records of TV serial
production and popularity in India
Personal information
• Name : Ekta Kapoor
• Father Name: Jitendra
• Mother Name: Shobha Kapoor
• Date of Birth: 1975
First serial : Hum Paanch(1995)
First Movie : Kyo ki …Main jhuth Nahi Bolta (2001)

• Creative Director, Director and Member of Shareholders
Committee,Balaji Telefilms Ltd.
Press Release
• "Ekta is a superb story teller and has fleshed out very real
characters in very real situations. Her stories have universal
appeal.” - Sameer Nair, Executive Vice President, Star

• “Anything that she touches turns into gold – implying high
TRPs in the world of television.”
• -Amir dua ,Vice president,Zoom india

• In 2001, Ekta was selected by the Confederation of Indian
Industries, (CII) to head the committee on entertainment.
• "Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year" (in 2001),
• In 2001, Asia week magazine included her in the list of "Asia's 50
most Powerful Communicators.
• "Corporate Excellence" from Bharat Petroleum (in 2002),
• "Rajiv Gandhi Award" (in 2002).

Television Productions
(Producer for Leading TV Networks)

• Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii
• Kahiin To Hoga
• Karam Apnaa Apnaa
• Kasamh Se
• Kasautii Zindagii Kay
• Kesar
• Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa
• Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
• khwaabo mein
• karz apna apna
• khel game khel

Film Productions
• Shootout At Taj Hotel (2009)
• Golmaal Returns (2009)
• C Kkompony (2008)
• Mission Istanbul (2008)
• Shootout At Lokhandwala (2007)
• Koi Aap Se (2005)
• Kya Kool Hai Hum (2005)
• Krishna Cottage (2004)
• Kch To Hai (2003)
• Kyo ki …Main jhuth Nahi Bolta (2001)
Planned investments of more than US $ 7.5 million for
movies for FY 0708;

Business model to have mix of own, co-production
and distribution ventures;

First release of FY 0708 under the banner of Balaji
Motion Pictures – ‘Shoot Out At Lokhandwala’ declared
super hit.

Entered into co-production agreement with T-Series
and Popcorn Entertainment for 10 movies
Balaji Telefilms Ltd
• India’s leading provider of television software
• Producer of Indian's top rated shows for more than 7
• Prime time on India’s leading TV Channels dominated by
Balaji shows.
• More than 18 top rated shows amongst Top 50 shows
across hindi speaking household.
• Only production hour having strong presence in four
southern states.
• Revenues US$68.39 Million –FY 05-06
• Revenues US$68.39 Million –FY 05-06

Balaji's programming is spread across channels
Star plus
Sun TV

“Failures have not deterred her”

• She started off when her father got her an offer from Ketan
Somaiya (a businessman), for co-production for their channel
in London. She made six pilots with three episodes each. But
all of them were rejected by the TV channels. Lot of money
was lost during this time.

• But rejections and disappointments did not deter her. She
continued to make pilots for TV serials and then the big break
came as she made a comedy serial – “Hum Paanch”. This
became one of the most successful serials and ran for a long
time on Zee. The rest as they say is history
Entrepreneurial Style

The Flak
Ekta has had to face a lot of flak for her serials as well as
her attitude. On the human resources front, Ekta was totally
unpredictable. She acquired the image of an ogre and most of her
subordinates were reluctant to approach her cabin.

What Makes Ekta Click
According to some analysts, Ekta was successful because
she was present in the right place at the right time and was able to
identify a niche market and cater to it successfully...

Ekta Kapoor started making TV serials at a time when film stars
of the big screen used to look down on tele serials. Her timing
was serendipitous. With numerous new channels being started and
TV viewership exploding, the demand for quality programming
content grew exponentially.

Buisness Strategy
• To attain this stature was not a child‟s play, but it was Hard work,
Passion, and a Fire in the stomach titanic struggle for almost six
long years which brought the Star and the Sun to Shine on her.
• Ekta's conceptualism of the saas-bahu saga made Kyunki saas bhi
kabhi bahu thi, the biggest hit of the 21st Century, which had a
struck a chord with its viewers.
• The self-confessed control freak has moved on to making films,
though the K factor continues in her life, stronger than ever.
• From the small screen to the big, she still courts controversy with
the way she deals with some of the subjects in her serials, she still
hires and fires people, and wears the Balaji tikka as her proudest

Truly, It's not Ekta Kapoor alone for the Bull's eye success of Balaji
Telefilms, rather there is a strong team of more than 300
professional's who are sincerely working behind the scenes and so
the Familiarity must have gone to the company and its team and not
Ekta alone.

Television – Our Forte
 Produced more than 13,000 hours of
original programming across five
languages over 12 years

 Developed new prime time hours for
family viewing (unlike other players who
depend on the existing ones)

 Continues to occupy approx. 40% of the
top 100 TRP slots

 More than 50% of the aggregate TRPs
during weekday prime time shows belong
to Balaji’s shows (across the top Hindi
cable & satellite shows)

Television – Our Forte
 Possesses 33 modern studios and 32 editing
suites, more than any Indian company in the field
of entertainment.

 Investment of US$ 2.76 million in three new
studios in Mumbai, in the year FY 06-07.

 30.5 hours (59 shows) of weekly programming in
six languages. Two new shows planned for launch
in 1
quarter of FY 08-09.

 In-house creative talent pool of more than 50
Flagship Shows
Launched in 2000, this show is a huge success, gaining audiences not
only in India, but also in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Canada, United States
of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Kenya, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and
New Zealand. The show achieved the all time highest television ratings
of any serial in the history of Indian television and continues to hold the
top position..
Launched in 2000, KGGK has also been a huge success across the
nation making it the second favorite among India audiences. The show
has won numerous awards over the years.

Another success from the production house, KZK has been running
successfully for more than six years. The show has won numerous
awards over the years. This show is now being replaced from 3

March, 2008.

Launched in 2006 , the show has been a tremendous success and has
garnered ratings as high as 7. In a very short time the show has
received an overwhelming response from the Indian and overseas
• The actors in her serials have become stars in their own right
with popularity rivaling those of the big screen stars of Hindi
• Ekta is today the uncrowned queen of soap operas in India
and prime time television time belongs to her shows.
• TV channels are known to charge premium advertisement
rates for successful Balaji serials
Key factor to be success
• The K-factor
• The Rich Joint Family
• The Multiple Marriage Disorder
• The J(G)eneration Jump
• The Plastic Surgery trick
• The Age-Doesn’t-Matter Attitude
• The Disappearing Act
• The Krazy Dialogues
• Lack of Sense and Sensibility
The Tele-queen philosophy

• I admire attitudes more than achievements.
• Life is not just business, it‟s much more.
• I have a lot of free time.
• On new initiatives – “Its about an instinct which has to be
supported either by experience or by knowledge.”

Role models
• I like. Sonia Gandhi, Vijay Mallya. Sonia Gandhi - I
think her silence speaks so much. I think she actually
proves silence is power. It is not what you say but what
you do.
• Vijay Mallya on the other hand has a passionate attitude
about himself. If you talk about people, it is attitudes
which I admire more than achievements.

India’s Booming Television
According to PWC…

Indian television Industry
revenues expected to grow
from US$ 4.67 billion to US$
12.68 billion in 2011.

@ 22% cumulative growth
over the next five years.
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Vision & expansion plans
• I see it becoming a stronger media house. I see it tapping
on non friction potential, up-market potential, catering to
a bigger and larger audience – in terms of tapping niche
markets. I also see releasing couple of films and starting
an academy hopefully for media.
• I am looking at doing things for the company which
hopefully will make it a stronger media house with a lot
of subsidiary companies attached which deal with
different aspects of media.