Operation management project

On transformation process of ICICI Bank

Submitted by:
Himja Mishra
Jagriti Raj
Karan Chaturvedi
Kashif Naeam
Kashish Khan
Kausalyey Tripathi

Transformation process
• The activities of a new business should be designed
to turn those resources into products and services
that customers are willing to pay for. This process is
known as the “transformation process”.

• If the value of what customers pay for the outputs is
more than the cost of the inputs, then the business
can be said to have “added value”

Inputs to transformation pocess
• Labour

• Land

• Capital

• Enterprise

• High quality people

• Capital investment is focused on efficiency and quality.

Raw Materials
Purchased Parts
Office Equipment

Outputs in transformation
Sector Businesses involved in…
Primary Extraction of natural resources (e.g. oil, gas) and farming activities
Secondary Production of finished goods and components (e.g. flat-screen TVs,
computer memory chips, games consoles, industrial equipment, motor
vehicles. The secondary sector is also often referred to as the
“manufacturing sector”.
Tertiary Providing a service of some kind. E.g. health, travel, legal, finance, building,
security. The list of potential services is endless. Think of this as any
business activity that involves people doing things for you! Retail businesses
are in the tertiary sector.

Customer's complaints
 non-payment or inordinate delay in the payment or collection of cheques,
drafts, bills etc.;
 non-acceptance, without sufficient cause, of small denomination notes
tendered for any purpose, and for charging of commission in respect
 non-acceptance, without sufficient cause, of coins tendered and for
charging of commission in respect thereof;
 non-payment or delay in payment of inward remittances ;
 failure to issue or delay in issue of drafts, pay orders or bankers’ cheques
 non-adherence to prescribed working hours ;

Resolution of grievances
Branch Manager is responsible for the resolution of
complaints/grievances in respect of customer’s service by the branch.
He would be responsible for ensuring closure of all complaints received
at the branches. It is his foremost duty to see that the complaint should
be resolved completely to the customer’s satisfaction and if the
customer is not satisfied, then he should be provided with alternate
avenues to escalate the issue. If the branch manager feels that it is not
possible at his level to solve the problem he can refer the case to
Regional or Zonal Office for guidance. Similarly, if Regional or Zonal
office finds that they are not able to solve the problem such cases may
be referred to the Nodal Officer.

Random disturbances
• Strikes

• Maintaining minimum balance

• Change in RBI policy

• Global Financial Crisis

Customer satisfaction
• Even though there is rapid increase in number of
automated delivery channels customers still prefer
the personal touch, and service delivery quality is
one of the focus areas for the bank. customer
satisfaction is a distinct construct from service
quality, with service quality generally viewed as an
antecedent to customer satisfaction.
ICICI bank
ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and
financial services company headquartered in
Mumbai. It is the second largest bank in India by
assets and by market capitalzation, as of 2014. It offers
a wide range of banking products and financial
services to corporate and retail customers through a
variety of delivery channels and through its
specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment
banking, life, non-life insurance, venture capital and
asset management. The Bank has a network of 3,539
branches and 11,162 ATMs in India, and has a
presence in 19 countries.
Inputs of ICICI bank
 Employees and Managers
 Cash and cheques used in transaction
 Computer system and internet connection
 Deposits and loans
 Debit and credit cards
 Insurance and mutual funds
 Investment
 Demat and foreign exchange trading
 Internet banking and mobile banking

 a higher return
 Good communication system/information system
 Instant services
 Special product for a special need
• Various services in different areas
Customer's complaint
 ICICI Payment Gateway is at its WORST
 Major Bug in ICICI bank portal and harass customer for noticing it
 Delay in Payment of Remittance
 Cheating customers who use Online Banking
 Withdrawal of money from Saving Bank Account without approval
of Account Holder
 ICICI Bank ATM counter should be well maintained
 No reward point for online transaction

Grounds for complaint
• Major problems that clients faced were wrong
debits to accounts, skimming of cards, unsolicited
credit cards and insurance policies, authorization of
loans over phone, erroneous billing, and charging
an annual fee on cards despite originally being
offered as „free‟.

Amount involved
• The amounts involved have sometimes been quite substantial too.
• For example, the report discusses a case where around Rs 5 lakh was
fraudulently withdrawn from a customer’s account through an ATM.
• In another instance, Rs 18,81,743 was siphoned off from an NRE
account through unauthorised online fund transfers/withdrawals.
• With the amount at stake being high and banks pointing fingers at
the customer for compromising on security, such instances have
forced customers to approach the ombudsman.
• In both the aforementioned cases, the ombudsman discovered lapses
on the part of the bank and directed them to return the disputed
money to the customer
Random disturbances
• Global Financial Crisis
• Change in RBI policy
• Strikes
• Maintaining minimum balance

• Overall, how satisfied are you with the services of ICICI
• To what extent do staff understand your needs?
• How easy is it for you to contact them?
• To what extent do you feel we are putting your interests first?
• Do staff have the expertise to do the best possible job for you?