What is Energy auditing?

Types of auditing
Various problems during the auditing
Levels of auditing
Various instruments used for auditing
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What is Energy Auditing?

 An energy audit is an inspection, survey and
analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a
building, process or system to reduce the amount of
energy input into the system without negatively
affecting the output.
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 It becomes popular in response of the energy crisis
that happened in 1973
 Interest in energy auditing increased as a result of
growing understanding of human impact upon
global warming and climate change
 They provide financial incentives to the home
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Home Energy Auditing

 It is a service where the energy efficiency of a
house is evaluated by a person using professional
 Aim: To suggest the best way to improve energy
efficiency in heating and cooling of the house
 It involves recording various characteristics of the
building envelope including
walls,ceilings,floors,doors,windows,skylights etc

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 For each component the area, and resistance to
flow is measured or estimated
 The leakage rate or infiltration rate of air is
depends on the window construction and quality
of door seals
 The over all aim is to quantify the thermal
insulation of the building
 It assesses the efficiency, physical condition and
performance of mechanical system such as
heating,ventillation,airconditioning equipment
and thermo stat
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 The audit report may include the estimated
energy use,givenload,climate,thermostat settings
 It can also used to show the impact of any
suggested improvements per year.
 The accuracy of the energy estimates are highly
increased if the owners billing history for
electricity,gas,fuel oil, or other energy sources
consumed over a period of one or two years
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 Energy use depends
 User behavior
 Climate
 Age of equipments
 It will be useful to conduct an interview of the
home owner to understand the load patterns
 Advancement in computer modeling can be used
to find out various variables that is affecting the
energy use

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 The government is also providing grants for energy
efficient homes,
 With the advancement of Smartphone technology
has enabled the home owners to perform relatively
sophisticated energy audits of their own homes.
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Industrial Energy Audit
 Energy consumption is increasing day by day
 In the overall production cost the 10% of the cost
comes under the energy spent for the energy
 The main concerns are
 Lighting
 Production equipment
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Issues of an energy audit
 The analysis of building and utility data including
the study of the installed equipment and analysis
of energy bills
 The survey of the real operating conditions
 The understanding of the building behavior and of
the interaction with the weather,occupancy,and
operating schedules
 The selection and evaluation of the energy
conservation measures
 The estimation of energy saving potential
 The identification of custom concerns and needs
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Levels of auditing
Level 0
• Bench marking
Level 1
• Walk through auditing
Level 2
• Detailed or General auditing
Level 4
• Investment grade audit
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Bench marking
Includes preliminary study of the whole
Energy use analysis based on the historic
usage and by the comparison of the
performance of the current building to
those of similar building
Benchmarking allows determining if further
analysis is required or not

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Walkthrough Auditing
 Preliminary analysis made to asses building
efficiency to identify not only simple and low cost
improvements but also to list out certain energy
conservation measures to orient the future
detailed audit
 Based on visual verification study of installed
equipments and operating data and detailed
analysis of recorded energy consumption collected
during the benchmarking phase.
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Detailed or General Audit
 Based on the result of the pre audits this type of
energy audit consist of energy use survey in order
to provide a comprehensive analysis of the studied
installation, a more detailed analysis of the facility
 This level of analysis includes advanced onsite
measurements and sophistical computer based
simulation tools to evaluate precisely the selected
energy retrofits.
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Investment Grade Audit
 Detailed analysis of capital intensive modification
,focusing on potential costly ECOs(Energy
Conservational Opportunities) requires rigorous
engineering study
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List of Energy Auditing equipments
 Flue gas analyzers Temperature indicators
 Infrared Thermometers Thermal insulation scanner
 Steam Trap monitor Conductivity meter
 PH meter Thermo hygrometer
 Ultrasonic flow meter U tube manometer
 Digital manometer Visguage
 Used Lube oil test kit Tachometer
 Demand analyzer Power analyzer
 Harmonic analyzer Lux meter
 Clamp on wattmeter Clamp on P.F meter
 Clamp on ammeter Frequency meter
 Digital multimeter
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Flue gas analyzer
 Used for optimizing the combustion efficiency by
measuring/monitoring the oxygen and co levels in flue
gas of boilers, furnaces etc
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Temperature indicators
 Used to measure the temperature of gases, air liquid
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Infrared thermo meters
 Used to measure the temperature from a distance
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Thermal insulation scanner
 Used to measure the loss of energy in Kcal .
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Steam trap monitor
 Used for the performance evaluation of the steam
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Conductivity meter
 Used for the on the spot water analysis of dissolved
solids in water
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
PH meter
 Used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Thermo hygrometer
 Used to measure the air velocity and humidity of
refrigerators, air conditioners etc

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Ultrasonic flow meter
 Used to measure the fluid flow through the pipes.
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
U tube manometer & Differential
 To measure the pressure
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
 Used to measure differential velocity

AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Used lube oil test kit
 Used to test the lube oil
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
 Used to measure the speed

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Demand analyzer
 Used for the measurement and analysis of electrical
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Power analyzer
 Used for the analysis of electrical power

AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Harmonic analyzer
 Used to measure the harmonics in a power system

AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Lux meter
 Used to measure the light intensity

AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Clamp on watt meter

 Used to measure the power without interupting the
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Clamp on ammeter
 Used to measure the current without interrupting the

AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Clamp on P.F meter
 Used to measure the power factor

AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Digital multimeter
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
Frequency meter
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509
AJAN.A 2 MTPS 1327509