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Unit Outline
Desk Research
Trade Research
Panel research
Technical consideration in panel
Methods of analyzing the panel data
Types of panels
Omni bus surveys
Design issues in omnibus surveys-Applications

Panel research
A panel research is a research, the researcher
uses the same sample over and over again for
collecting the information. The researcher
gathers the data from the same people
constituting the panel. In this sense, the panel
is the permanent sample of respondents who
agree to be interviewed at appropriate time.
Here a panel may be individuals, households,
retail shops or firms etc.,
Advantage of Panel research
1. Changes in the buyer behaviour can be
2. Relationship between changes in buyer
behaviour and changes in the marketing mix
can also be analyzed.

Dis-advantage of Panel research
1. It requires the greater degree of cooperation
between the panel and the researcher.
2. The possibility of drop-out of the panel from
the research process.

Types of panels
The panel research is used for the following
three purposes.
1. Consumer panels
2. Retail shop panels
3. Advertising audience panels
Consumer panels
Here the market researcher maintains a panel of
consumers and receives response from them
at periodical intervals. The panel is continuous
in the sense that the researcher collects the
response from the same set of sample units
on a continuing basis at specified period.
Retail Panel
Here, a permanent sample of retail shops is
maintained to supply information periodically
on aspects such as how much these retail
shops purchased during the period, how
much stock they hold, the rate of stock
turnover, sales levels of different brands, price
trend etc.,
Advertising audience panel
It consist of persons getting exposed to
advertising in the various media, such as
readers of publications, TV viewers and radio
listeners. The main purpose is to gather
valuable information for media planning. The
panel members keep recording the
programmes viewed by them, or heard by
them or the publications read by them
Market Survey
Meaning: Market survey is one of the most widely
used MR Techniques. It is just one method of
collecting the marketing information required for
carrying out a given marketing research task.
It is used, if the required data is not available from
the companys internal records and from external
published sources. It amounts to original field
research work for the purpose of collecting
primary data.
Steps involved in a Market Survey
Planning the survey:
problem definition
selection of the survey method
questionnaire development
pilot study
selection & training of investigators
Interviewing / collection of data
Analysis & Interpretation of data:
Editing, Tabulating and processing
Statistical analysis & Interpretation
Report Making:
Report writing
Summarizing findings and recommendation