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Hospital Information System (HIS), which provides

functions such as patient accounting, order-entry, results

reporting, materials management, and general accounting
functions. The surgery department currently uses a
scheduling module of the HIS system and maintains logs,
preference cards, and inventory manually. The surgery
department schedules the surgeries by checking the patient
details. While scheduling they need to maintain the list of
equipments required for the surgery, staff required as well
as they need to assign the available operation theatre. All
these details need to be kept for records. Hence they store
this information in various files. Statistical reports are
currently created by manually reviewing handwritten
Various Problems Are:
 First of all the main problem is that the system is manual.
 Due to this data redundancy occurs many times.
 Work efficiency also decreases due to the manual ness of the
application .
 There is a need for automation as the process like scheduling surgery
and seeing the surgery schedule will become an easy task.
 Managing Inventory and calculating Income and expenditure of the
 Calculating the cost of surgery is also a headache for the staff member
this also needs to get automated.
 Searching of record is difficult in manual form. Many patient details
and Managing Inventory needs to be such that the work becomes
Therefore the total Conclusion is that change is required and that is to make
the manual system automated and this will solve the entire problem.
 Hardware Requirements:

 A minimum computer system that will help you access all the tools in the
courses is a Pentium 166 or better.
 64 Megabytes of RAM or better
 Window 98 (or higher is possible)
 Java Virtual Machine
 Software Requirements are:
 Notepad / java editor.
 J2sdk1.41_02 (or later)
 Java enabled web browser
 SQL Server.
Welcome Page

It is like the welcome page that
welcomes the user of the Hospital
Management System (HMS).
* It welcomes the user
* It displays a button click here.
* Pressing which the user moves to the main
Option Page

It is the main form of the project and is the
controlling room as it contains the link to all the other
panes of the application.
* It has six buttons in it.
* First button leads to Description page.
* Second button leads to Patient Accounting page.
* Third button leads to Surgery Department page.
* Fourth button leads to Result and Reporting page.
* Fifth button leads to Material Management page.
* Sixth button leads to General Accounting page
Standard for code
writing style:
Code writing is done in the way as specified
by the rules
Labels have been prefixed with lbl.
TextFields have been prefixed with txt.
TextArea have been prefixed with txa.
ComboBox have been prefixed with cmb.
Buttons have been prefixed with btn.
RadioButtons have been prefixed with rad.
CheckBox have been prefixed with chk.


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