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 Almost every day we seem to hear of yet another problem affecting
the environment-and what a list of problems! –acid rain, pollution
,global warming and so on.

 Many of us are very worried about the future of our planet and unless
we can find a way of solving the problems we have made then the
environment will suffer every more.

 We must learn to live in a sustainable way i.e. learn to use our natural
resources which include air, fresh water, forest , wildlife.
Environment is mostly composed of 3
substance such as air, water and soil which
has been polluted.
Air is polluted through emission from vehicles,
factories etc.
Water is polluted through sewages from cities
and chemicals from factories.
Soil is being polluted through acid rain which
reduces the fertility of land.
WASTES:- causes
 Human being create a lot of rubbish everyday.

 Approx each household produce 1 ton of garbage every year.

 80 % of disease is caused due to this garbage.

 Every cities is facing the problem of garbage, Mumbai is always
facing problem of flood due to this waste.
We should reuse and recycle the waste for a
productive purpose.
Always through wet garbage and dry garbage
in different dustbin.
Try to avoid buying plastic bags and other
plastic things which takes centuries to
To make earth clean first make city clean &
for that make surrounding clean.
 Global warming is the increase of average world temperatures as a result
of what is known as the greenhouse effects. As the greenhouse gases
build up in the atmosphere the earth gets hotter.

 This effect is majorly caused due to increasing efficiency of co2 and
reason for that is cutting down of the trees.

 Deforestation causes increase in co2 but other product that contribute to
this, burning of coal, oil , fossil fuel.

 Every time we switch on electric gadgets we contribute to green house,
because the electricity use in this is mainly created from burning coal.
The main thing to recover from affect or to
decrease global warming is slow down of
Use of CNG gases in vehicles which reduce the
emission of Co2. and also helps in reducing the air
Start tree plantation where ever possible.
At the end planet is our home , we cant see our
home is being destroyed in front of eyes and also
because of us.
 Forest plays a very important role in reducing pollution.

 Thanks for the human settlements and industrial set up forest
has been destroyed and has caused major effect to

 It act as a home for wild habitats and the trees are cut for the
medicinal purpose.

 The deforestation has caused in increasing co2 and has
contributed to global warming.
First of all ,to protect environment we have to
protect forest because it act as a major role in
decreasing pollution.

 Stop setting up of industries and human
settlement near forest.
Grow more and more trees where every possible.
Try to avoid deforestation in order to save world.
 We human being are dump, we always try to use that resource which are easily
available. It doesn’t matter weather it is conventional or non conventional.

 Electricity is useful in day to day life , but it is tremendously wasted.

 Not only Electricity but coal , kerosene , petrol are limited. but we use it
unlimited .

 This resources take centuries to regenerate and if not use properly our future
generation will not know what was kerosene and what was petrol.
 Greater subsidies of public transport by the government to
encourage people
to use public transport rather than always travelling by car.
 To protect the resources, Each person can make an effort to
save energy by switching off lights when they are no being
 Every individual can be used walking, cycling and sharing
cars reduce the pollution from vehicles.
 Fifteen and thirty miles above the Earth lies stratosphere, a broad band of gases and one
of these gases is ozone.

 Ozone layer is a small part of the stratosphere but very important because it prevent too
many of the sun’s ultra violet rays from reaching us.

 Ultra violet rays which if directly exposed to human skin cause skin cancer and other skin

 Pollutant emits from industries, vehicles , air conditioners , refrigerators etc which
reduces the ozone layer by creating the hole in the layer.
OZONE LAYER:-recovery
 Don’t waste electricity because electricity is produced by
burning coal oil and gas and this action gives off carbon
 Don’t buy aerosols containing CFCs, Even ‘ozone friendly’
aerosols may contain harmful chemicals and spray cans are
difficult to dispose of-they cannot be recycled.
 CFCs, chlorofluorocarbons, gases used in the manufacture
of aerosols and fridges, are believed to be responsible for
destroying the ozone layer.
 Ozone layer act as a protective shield and if destroyed can
cause to increase in temperature and melt the iceberg in
the poles of the earth.
POLLUTION:- causes
 The air, water and soil of habitats all over the world have been,
and are still being, polluted in many different ways.

 Air is damaged by car and lorry fumes, and power stations create
acid rain which destroys entire forest and lakes.

 Industries which setup near the cities emits harmful gases such as
sulpher dioxide and carbon monoxide which directly affect the
lungs .

 If can be use chorine-based bleach containing phosphates you are
contributing to water pollution.
To protect the environment, used bicycle or walk
instead of using a car for short distance.
If we spot pollution, such as oil on the beach report
it to local council if you suspect the stream is
Try to avoid the use of conventional source of
energy such as coal , petrol etc and swap to non-
conventional source such as solar , wind etc.
Try to use eco-friendly product.