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One of the
 What is it?
 Ways to engage and it’s
 Mistakes and it’s impact
 Essentials and Prerequisites to
better management
 Diagnosing and factors to
 Examples and CEO speaks
 Concluding words
 “Aworkplace approach
designed to ensure that
employees are committed to
their organization’s goals and
values, motivated to contribute
to organizational success, and
are able at the same time to
enhance their own sense of
 It is about:
 Commitment
 Understanding
 Motivation
 Satisfaction
 Training and development
 Performance management
 Communication
 Equal opportunity
 Fair treatment
 Pay and benefits
 Health and safety
 Cooperation
 Family friendliness
 Job satisfaction
A daily column, written by CEO, on the
intranet with company announcements /
programs etc
 Employee suggestion systems / quick
responses and Online “ask the CEO”
 Employee recognition in internal
magazines or on intranet
 CEO spending time in face to face
communication with staff
 Monthly or Annual staff awards
 Team building and Leadership
development activities
 Weekly blog related to serious business
issues and staff to read / comments
 Appointment of disaster or emergency
management team or Problem solving
committee or Quality assurance
 Online real-time tracking of company
progress towards targets / goals which
employees can view
 Employee birthday celebrations
 Recreational Activities like movies,
picnics, sports, etc
 Harmonious relationships in the
 Decrease attrition, absenteeism,
wastages, accidents
 Commitment and Loyalty
 Exciting place to work
 Improved productivity
 Rise in revenues
 Overall growth
 Ina survey conducted by Infinity
Consulting and Training Solutions
through June 8, 2009, the top 5 ways
managers disengage employees
 Does not set clear and specific expectations
 Does not hold everyone to the same level of
 Does not provide regular performance feedback
 Does not model appropriate behaviors
 Does not obtain input from employees
 Theft and dishonesty
 Absenteeism
 Conflict
 Reduced productivity
 Attrition
 Wastages
 Accidents
When did Sachin Tendulkar complete
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Tell the date

5th November, 2009
Who won the Miss Universe 2009

Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela
Who won the Nobel Peace Price for the
year 2009???

Barack Obama, President of the US
Name the cyclone that caused heavy
damage to the konkan region of
India in November 2009?

Which British film won 8 Academy
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Choice Awards and 4 Golden Globe
Awards for the year 2008???

Slumdog Millionaire
 High quality goods and services that
staff can recommend with
 Good delivery systems that ensure
promises and commitments made to
customers are met
 Good business practices - honest,
straightforward and carried out with
 Employees should:
 Have understanding of business context and
the ‘bigger picture’
 Be respectful of, and helpful to, colleagues
 Be willingness to ‘go the extra mile’
 Have belief in the organization
 Have desire to work to make things better
 Keep up to date with developments in the field
 Survey
(click here for a sample questionnaire)
 Observation
 One-on-one talk
 Team / Group meetings
 Benchmarkingthe following things
and measuring the actual stats could
 Low employee attrition
 Multi-year revenue growth, especially in a
declining industry
 Strong revenue per employee
 Better-than-industry-average employee tenure
 Long CEO tenure
 Good portion of open positions filled from within
 As a result of employee engagement survey Coca-cola
Hellenic – an international bottler of non-alcoholic
beverages implemented a tool called as Employee
Engagement Management. EEM Hub allowed
managers to see how their area of focus is performing
compared to other divisions or the company as a
whole, provided an easy action planning process to
create and track progress overtime, and housed best
practice actions and tips for improving engagement.
 Outcomes: engagement rose steadily, analysis of it’s
business outcome performance metrics found that
higher levels of employee engagement are linked to
higher productivity levels, lower turnover rate, and
fewer accidents on site
 At Sun Microsystems employee engagement
becomes imperative for them as they operate in
virtual teams across the world
 The CEO interacts with the employees through a
intranet forum called as WSUN where he also seeks
feedback and opinions from the employees, The
COO uses his personal blog for connecting to this
people, Business Unit Heads and Executive VPs
conducts six town halls per year across the globe,
Senior management at country level again uses
technology in the form of communication media
and forums and sometimes even reach out to the
employees’ families
 Outcomes: sense of connection, commitment and
Astatement by Robert Polet
CEO of Gucci:

“Employees need to understand both
current and long-term direction, as
well their role in it, to remain
motivated and engaged.”
 According
to Jack Welch
Former CEO, GE
“It goes without saying that no company,
small or large, can win over the long run
without energized employees who believe
in the mission and understand how to
achieve it. That’s why you need to take
the measure of employee engagement at
least once a year through anonymous
surveys in which people feel completely
safe to speak their minds.”
 According to a survey ‘Driving
Success Through Performance
Excellence and Employee
Engagement,’ by research arm
of leading global HR solutions
provider Kenexa in the year
2009, India have highest levels
of employee engagement in
the world with 76%.
 If employees are disconnected they are disengaged
 Employer should always remember that he manages
capital or resources but he works with people
 Incorporating engagement generally into people
practices is better for the organization than a formal
engagement program
 If leaders and managers are giving the ‘wrong’
messages, employees feel insecure, confused, cynical,
de-motivated – in short, disengaged
 Global organizations have to be very careful when
they’re looking at engaging employees in different
countries and not just take a ‘one-size-fits-all’