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Quarter 1 Midterm

By:Ricardo Hidalgo
Unit #1
• The most Important topic that we studied in
unit 1 was the Atlantic Slave Trade.The
Atlantic Slave Trade was were the slaves
were brought to the U.S to farm and to
make goods.First they bought the slaves in
Africa. Then they took the slaves in a
journey to the U.S wich was called the
middle passage. When they arrived to the
Americas they were taken to slave auctions.
In the slave auctions they were sold to the
whites as slaves. When the slave auctions
were over, those who weren’t sold to the
whites were taken to the plantations or
encomiendas. From there the slaves picked
cotton and other goods wich were shipped
to Europe to be made into goods.This
affects us today because if the slaves
weren’t ever brought to the U.S today there
would not be a lo of African American
Unit #2
• The most important topic for Unit #2 was
Segregation. I know that the the U.S
supreme court approved segregation as
long as everything was equal, but
everything was not equal. They
separated everything and the whites had
everything better than the African
American. I also now that the U.s
supreme court ended segregation. After
segregation ended racism didn’t. This
caused the African American to move to
other places but were they moved there
was still racism. There were laws that
didn’t allow African American To buy
houses and that they could only live in
certain parts. This is how The ghetto was
created. This affects us today because if
segregation was never approved then
the ghetto would of never been created
and we wouldn’t be living here.
Unit #3
• The most important topic that we studied in
Unit 3 was The Mexican-American War. I know
that the U.S declared war with Mexico because
Mexico attacked them. Mexico attacked the
U.S because the U.S went into Mexico and
Mexico was just trying to defend their selves.
The U.S also attacked because they wanted
more land. The U.S attacked and envaded
Mexico. Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna tried to
defend Mexico of this attack but failed to. The
U.S envaded Mexico and took parts of it
including the capitol of Mexico. When that war
was over, the U.S set up the treaty of
Guadalupe Hidalgo, which paid Mexico $15
Million for the states of California, New Mexico,
Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.This
affects us today because if the U.S would’ve
not taken over Mexico we would be living in
Mexico today.
Most important topic overall
• The most important topic overall was…
The Mexican-American War.
I think that this was the most important
because if the U.S would have not
taken part of Mexico then the Ghetto
would have not existed and lots of the
thins that happened would’ve never
• My definition for leadership is…
not to do what others tell you to do, do
what you want to do. I think that it also
means take initiative and not wait until
someone else does it so that you can
do it to.