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Recent Developments in IT
Ever Changing Field of IT
More Paced Changes in Recent Times
Many Topics can be covered including:
1. 3D Internet
2. 3D Password
3. Blue Gene
4. Brain Gate
5. Camera Pill
6. Cyborgs
7. DNA Computing
8. Ethical Hacking
9. Gi Fi

Course Contents
10. Green Cloud
11. Intelligent RAM
12. Palm Vein Technology
13. Quantum Cryptography
14. Visible Communication
15. Virtual Private Networks
16. Smart Quill
17. Spam Assassin
18. Google Glass
19. Mind Reading Computer
20. Gesture Recognition Technology

Course Contents
Complete Virtual Environment in 3D
Countless Possibilities
Demo Sites Available
3D Internet
1. Recall
2. Recognition
3. Biometric
3D Password
The Blue Gene/Q system, shown below is the third-generation
computer architecture in the Blue Gene family of supercomputers
Blue Gene
Brain Gate
Capsule Endoscopy involves swallowing a small (the size of the large
vitamin pill) capsule, which contains a color camera, battery, light
source and transmitter. The camera takes two pictures every second
for eight hours, transmitting images to a data recorder about the size
of a portable CD player that patients wear around the waist.
Camera Pill
Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence
The main idea behind DNA computing is to adopt a biological (wet)
techniques an efficient computing vehicle, where data are
represented using strands of DNA
DNA molecules can act as elementary logic gates analogous to the
silicon-based gates of ordinary computers. Short strands of DNA
serve as the gates inputs and outputs.
Ultimately, such gates could serve as dissolved doctorssensing
molecules such as markers on cells and jointly choosing how to
DNA Computing
Can hacking be ethical?
Ethical hackers are usually security professionals or network
penetration testers who use their hacking skills and toolsets for
defensive and protective purposes
Ethical hackers who are security professionals test their network
and systems security for vulnerabilities using the same tools that a
hacker might use to compromise the network
Any computer professional can learn the skills of ethical hacking
Ethical Hacking
Multi-gigabit wireless technology that removes the need for cables
between consumer electronic devices
More than 100 times faster than current short-range wireless
Allows wireless streaming of uncompressed high-definition content
Operates over a range of 10 meters without interference
Entire transmission system can be built on a cost effective single
silicon chip
Operates in the unlicensed, 57-64 GHz spectrum band.
Gi Fi


Intelligent RAM

Palm Vein Technology

Quantum Cryptography

Visible Communication
10. Virtual Private Networks
11. Smart Quill
12. Spam Assassin


Smart Quill

Spam Assassin
10. Google Glass
11. Mind Reading Computer
12. Gesture Recognition Technology

Google Glass

Mind Reading Computer

Gesture Recognition System