Quality control is one aspect of production planning and control. It is basically concerned with quality production.

(1) Quality facilitates comparison between good and bad goods in services. (2) Controlling quality ensures marketing of goods as per specification (3) Good quality reduces dissatisfaction of customers. (4) Good quality cuts down the rework and rejection costs. (5) Longer life guaranteed to the products through improved quality.

“Quality control aims at preventing the defects rather than detecting the defects”  Establishment of quality standard  Locating quality deviations  Evaluation of methods and processes of production  Quick sales of quality goods  Production of standard quality goods  Improvement in quality

Devising control over raw materials  Fixing standards and specifications  Exercising control over production operations  Locating inspection points  Maintaining quality of equipments  Maintaining records


1) Marketing evaluates the level of quality which customers want and for which the are willing to pay. 2) Engineering reduces this marketing evaluation to exact specifications. 3) Purchasing chooses contracts with. And retains vendors for parts and materials. 4) Manufacturing selects jigs, tools and processes for production.

5) Manufacturing supervision and shop operates exert a major quality influence during parts making, subassembly, and final assembly. 6) Mechanical inspection and functional test check performance of products by comparing conformance to specifications. 7) Shipping influences the caliber of packaging and transportation. 8) Installations and product service helps ensure proper operation by installing the product according to proper instructions and maintaining through service.

Quality control involves actions like Action supporting the product after delivery: i) Assures that product service specification are clear and correct ii) After that spare parts confirms to quality requirement iii) Assure the repair and modification are performed in accordance with company quality requirements iv) Gather and analyses complaint data from the field to measure the degrees of customer satisfaction and initiate appropriate corrective actions

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