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Some of the objects and things that were put in with the person The rituals perfo

How they mummified people.

The stages of mumm

By: Kirstin
Why they mummified people
The Stages Of Mummification!!
• One of Stage is
• Embalming is the stage
were Egyptians start to
taking the body and
drying it out.
• The second stage is
• In that process the body
is wrapped
Why They Mummified People
• Ancient Egyptians
mummified people because
they thought if they done
that they would go thought
the underworld and get to
their afterlife that would
last forever.

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How They Mummified people
– The first stage is were ancient Egyptians
washed people in the Nile River then with
wine. Then they cut the left side side of the
body. Once that is done they removed all if the
internal organs and put them in natron which
dries them out. The only thing Egyptians did
not remove was the heart because they believed
that they would need it in the afterlife. Once
that is done they would take n long hook, put it
through there nose, then smash there brain,
grab it with the hook then the would take it out
through there nose.
– After that is done Egyptians would also fill
there body with natron so that the body would
dry out then they would take the rags and the
This is the process of These are the jars they liquid from the body and bury it with them .
After forty days they would wash the body
taking the brain out. put the organs in. again, then wash it with good smelling oils to
make the skin elastic like.

Once that is done
Egyptians would
wrap the body and
The body is filled with during that a priest
natron to dry it out would read spells out
loud to keep evil
spirits away when the
person is going
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The Rituals Egyptians Performed Before
The Person Was Put In The Tomb
• Did you know that Egyptians
performed rituals before bodies
were buried. One rituals that
was performed were they
would let the dead eat. Once
that is done they would put a
painted board that has the god
on it, o top of the pharaoh.
Then they would place the
pharaoh in two coffins, then
they had a funeral and the
family come to cry for the
pharaoh. Those are some of the
This is a picture were rituals they preformed before
they let the person eat. the body was buried.

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The Objects That Were Placed In
With The Pharaoh.
• Did you know that they
placed objects in the
coffin before the pharaoh
was buried? Egyptians put
items in there because
they believed that the
pharaoh would need the
items for the journal
through the under life.

Items placed in with a person